Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pedicure on our toes, toes

yesterday my sister and i went to get pedicures, because we can be girly like that sometimes. (only, not that often i guess because it was my first pedicure ever, which my sister (and most everyone else) found shocking for some reason.) instead of normal pedicures, though, we drove the extra half hour and got fish pedicures (where a bunch of tiny (in my case) and not so tiny (in my sister's case) fish basically ate the dry skin off our feet). it sounds really gross when i say it like that. poor fish. it was pretty awesome, though, despite the potential fish cruelty. it was followed by a traditional spa pedicure.

in other news, we're leaving on sunday for the desert. i should really start thinking about packing but when i look at the suitcases that i had my husband take out i'm instantly hit with a wave of lazy boredom and the feeling that if i get up to pack my head will surely explode. or my arm might fall off. or my leg might turn to ash. basically, i'll suffer some form of bodily harm, and who would risk that? we'll be gone for a little over a month and splitting the time between his side of the country and my side of the country, and i'm starting to just not feel like going. it's way too much work to travel across oceans and continents just to see people for a few days is my opinion. though that may just be my laziness talking (assuming that my laziness is a separate entity from myself). and that reminds me of a youtube video my sister sent me a while back. let me go find that for you. actually, my sister sent me episode two, but here's the first one:

seriously, story of my life.

also, i just used ke$ha lyrics for my blog title. i quoted someone with a dollar sign in her name. i think i should be tarred, feathered, and ran out of town, but that won't make me change them.

*Tik Tok (apparently she's too good for c's?) - Ke$ha


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 20, 2012 at 3:14 PM

    1. i love tik tok.
    2. was i the one who sent you the video?
    3. procrastination is amazing :D
    4. i want to do the fish pedi again and again and again

    1. 1. i know all the lyrics to it, but it's still a stupid song.
      2. yes, you were.
      3. i agree, but zeyad already packed and locked his suitcase so i feel so behind.
      4. at least one again with anisah.

  2. i agree procrastination's the way to go.
    i would scream to death if a fish ate my foot.
    and also will you be stopping anywhere besides saudi on your flight?

  3. also,

    i was just talking about this in class.

    1. lol after us there was a group of three girls that did it, and one of them just kept screaming and jumping out of her chair the entire time.
      unfortunately no, just saudi and back. but we're planning a couple of road trips when we get back (pa, ny, ct) and either christmas or next summer i want to go back to london.
      and whoa coincidence with the fish pedi infections in class. the first time i heard about the fish was in a victorious episode and at the end of the episode everyone who did it got an infection and was in the hospital, so part of me was afraid that was going to happen. (is it sad that i'm referencing nick shows seriously?) but i mean, there's a risk from getting sick from so many different things, that i just try not to think about it and live my life. ignorance is bliss, even if it's fake ignorance.

  4. anonymous hippopotamusJune 20, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    thaaaaaaaaanks a lot razan! now im going to think im dying from some kind of fish bacteria infection thing. GREAT!!!! as if i don't have enough diseases i already think im dying from... :|