Thursday, June 14, 2012

i never want to act my age

at twenty-four i'm supposed to be a fully functioning adult, or so i've been told. if that's true, then i guess there are a few things that have followed me into adulthood, things that i don't think i'll ever grow out of. (not that i would want to anyway.) here's the first five that came to mind (in no particular order):

cake batter: i don't think i will ever get too old to lick the spoon/bowl when baking a cake (or brownies). i don't think i will ever reach a point when i say, "well, i guess i'll just wait until after the cookies are cooked to eat them." you can lecture me about salmonella and food poisoning all you'd like, but that spoon is still going into my mouth as soon as the cake is in the oven.

YA books: while growing up, i was never told to "read books for my age," and i guess that's stuck with me. i read books that were "too old" for me when i was young and books that are "too young" for me when i'm old, and i couldn't care any less. i don't think i'll ever stop switching from adult to young adult to children's books and back again.

nickelodeon/disney: i will be one of those people who is eighty years old and still watches cartoons. i will watch victorious and big time rush and icarly until i'm fifty. disney movies will never become too juvenile for me to enjoy. also, raffi and sesame street and other shows for that age group have awesome songs. i will never not think that.

sugar cereals: i don't know what age people generally go to the cereal aisle and skip over the lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, but i don't think i'll ever reach it. not to say i don't eat more grown-up cereal too, because i do, just not at the expense of my fruity pebbles.

puzzles and board games: i mean, does anyone actually grow out of these? i don't understand people who claim they do.

*What's My Age Again - Blink 182


  1. Sugar cereals are my religion and Lucky Charms is Gabriel. If you tell me otherwise, I will ignore you. Also, Cartoon Network has some of the best shows on televisions.

  2. i didn't really watch much cartoon network growing up, but my brothers watch it a lot which means i've been watching it a lot more now.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusJune 15, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    if thats the list then i don't think many people are adults. :/
    and personally I don't think cartoon network is very child friendly, so its an okay cartoon channel for adults to watch. Their cartoons, in my opinion, are geared towards teenagers and adults not appropriate at all for kids under 12 (imo)

  4. to be honest, the list was originally supposed to be ten, but in the middle of writing it i left to get lunch with you and your kids, then i came back home and added a little, then i left and when i came back home again i just did not feel like writing the "big" things because i was so sick of this post (nor could i remember half of them) so i deleted one so it'd be an odd number, and pretended it was a list of five to begin with.