Saturday, February 12, 2011

why do i keep counting?

since i'm pretty sure i haven't done one of these in a while, here's my life in numbers at the moment because i am sick and can't think straight enough to write a flowing post:

by the way, this post was written from the bottom up so if it doesn't quite make sense, that's why. i didn't realize there might be a problem with that until it was too late to stop.

10- half of the time i spent trying to think up something to write for number ten (this means i thought for twenty minutes). the few thoughts i have at the moment keep being drawn to the tv with every exclamation from my sister and "oww" from my sister's phone. (or, you know, her friend who's on speaker. either one.)

9- the number of times the word "please" was said in the last ten seconds. to get this to stop, i just agreed to play video games. i do not like video games. i have turned sucking at them into an art form, and i get way too frustrated. ash, this is all your fault. (so i played, reached a record level of suckage, ash gave out false shouts of encouragement (as if saying i'm "actually good" will make me suck less) and i lost every. single. time.)

8- the number of days it's been since i hurt my toe. my sister just said, loudly, "fat princess?!?!" and my train of thought has been derailed. her plus video games is really distracting. when we were little, she was often banned from playing video games because she would get too aggressive. now, there's no one to ban her. this has nothing to do with the number eight, but i really can't do much about that.

7- the number of things on my to-do list that i am currently ignoring to write this post and make fun of my sister as she sucks badly in modnation racer or whatever it's called with her friend. after weeks and weeks of stressing over it, she finally chose a username thingie and set up her online account for the ps3 network? as you can see, me and video games are not really the best of friends. but she's racing against her friend, and she sucks.

6- the number of books that are crowding my bed, not counting the two moleskine notebooks or the kobo (who, by the way, is named jj). i would move them, but there's really no space for them to go.

5- the number of months left until i am married.

4- about the number of weeks its been since "sleeping in" meant later than six:thirty. i have been watching way too much ben 10 and nineties reruns every morning.

3- the number of days until my homework is due. i have been talking about it/ridiculing the instructions for three weeks.

2- roughly the number of weeks left until my sister moves across the world. saddest part, she's taking her sons with her.

1- the number of classes left after this semester until i am officially a master of science.

*Why Do I Keep Counting? - The Killers


  1. 10-7 were absolutely awesome. I don't care if you are completely terrible at that game, you actually finished one race and nearly finished two others. You rock!

    And its not "owww," it's "OWWWWWUH!"

  2. lool well when you say it that way... i sound so much more pathetic.

    side note: i just reread this post, and i have decided that blogging and gaming do not go well together.

  3. Hey, out of 30 days when I was writing a "novel," I spent three of those days actually writing, and 27 screwing around, therefore, I suck at things too. Not to mention, I produced a heap of gibberish.

    Anyway, the point is, you do not suck! Pinball is only natural when you start playing racing games :P

  4. gibberish which i still need to read, by the way. and pinball is a perfect word for it. i'm stealing that. if i ever get forced into playing again, hopefully i'll be a bit better.