Sunday, February 27, 2011

without her it's not the same

okay people, they say that the first step to overcoming something is to admit you have a problem. this is me, officially recognizing the fact that i'm being pretty pathetic.

you see, my sister and her family suddenly up and left the country on thursday. they moved to the other side of the globe, leaving me and this time zone behind. okay, so maybe they've been talking about "the move" for almost a year, but whatever. it was very sudden. for the past few weeks, everything in my life has pretty much been put on pause for my nephew. and when they all moved in with a us the week before they left, well my life pretty much revolved around him. i woke up to him, spent the entire day with him while everyone was busy packing and whatnot, and went to sleep knowing that it would all be repeated the next day. and now they're gone, and i'm acting like some pathetic dumpee who refuses to let go. seriously, everything that comes out of my mouth is either a story about my nephew or one of our "inside jokes" or something else somehow relating back to him. it's pathetic, really. i genuinely feel sorry for the people that have to put up with me right now, and that's pretty rare.

and the thing is, i'm not really someone who actively misses people. like, i hate the goodbye part and when i think of them it'll be an "aw sad" moment, but i don't walk around missing people. i don't really miss them until i see them again, and then i miss the times we could have spent together? if that makes any sense. i dunno, sometimes it's hard to explain the weird ways my mind works in. but the point here is, this is getting pathetic and it needs. to. stop.

*Under the Gun - The Killers


  1. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 28, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    :'( this made me cry!!! he misses you too a lot! and its not pathetic to miss hamza cuz hes awesome and amazing and a totally missable person. oh and i agree the move felt very sudden and with the way you miss people...i miss them like that too.

  2. lol everything makes you cry. and maybe the missing is a family thing cause i'm pretty sure anisah's the same way.