Thursday, January 5, 2012

and the games you play, you would always win

i have been trying to write something all morning, but it is just not working out. i'm too annoyed by mason's apparent love for recorded messages to try and write anything coherent. i do have a bunch of notes written in several drafts that (hopefully) will make for interesting posts someday, but i just don't think today is the day.

instead, here is a piece that i wrote a few years ago and recently came across again. it's obviously from a time before i got stuck in the images and themes you find in everything i write today. kudos to you if you can recognize the eleven games referenced in it.

Simon says stop.
Simon says love me.
Simon says stay.
Break my heart.

I wish you were better at this game.

I'm going to jail without passing go, and you're climbing up chutes and not paying the five thousand for 
spinning a ten. You're not waiting for a one to start and peeking into envelopes marked confidential. I 
go fish until I'm drowning in cards, and you're declaring eights aren't special and every card can be 
crazy. You call 'uno' but your hands are full and go to Queen Frostine without an invitation.

I'm trying to play your games, but you're breaking all the rules, and I can't keep up when I don't know 
where up is. You're building castles out of the chaos you create and proclaiming yourself the winner.

You toss me to the side without a second thought, because whoever is stuck with the old maid at the 
end loses, and it figures that would be the one rule you follow.

also, here is a list of new year's resolutions for 20 somethings that i meant to post earlier, but never did.

*Set Fire to the Rain - Adele


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 5, 2012 at 7:46 PM

    first....this made me sad... i was kinda just everywhere until the last sentence which I had to read twice and then i was like.. :O old maid..tossed aside.. *tear* was this about anyone?

    second the games mentioned: simon says (duh), monopoly, chutes and ladders, life, sorry, clue (i wanna play that game), go fish, crazy eights, uno, candy land, old maid.

    i dunno why you said kudos to you...they were so obvious. the only one that might have been hard was queen frostine or maybe the 5000 at ten.

    haha and the list...there were a few that applied to me and i actually find myself doing like thinking twice about status updates.. :D

  2. as far as i can remember, no it wasn't about anyone. i think the reference to all the games makes it seem happy in my head? not happy, but... i don't really know how to explain it.

    and actually, you'd be surprised to know how few people know the games we know. i have yet to find anyone that knows crazy eights exists, and the five thousand at ten is a rule some people don't follow. also, some people may not know the sorry one.