Monday, January 23, 2012

what is your excuse? why haven't i heard from you?

so mason starts back up today. my sister just made her usual first day of classes phone call when she worries that she made her schedule wrong and she has way too much free time between classes. by the end of the semester, she'll make another call in which she complains that she made her schedule wrong and she doesn't have enough free time between classes. it's become a tradition.

while she's starting her classes, i'm still waiting around for mason to deign to answer my request to continue studying with them. yup, semester's starting and i still haven't heard anything. when i called harassing them on friday they said all the decisions are made and were mailed out that morning so i should hear something any day now. unfortunately, it's against university policy to say anything on phone/in person/through email. it's mail or nothing with these guys. i mean, i pretty much know that i've been rejected, and to tell you the truth, i don't even care anymore. i just want the conclusive answer. i don't want the thought of, "oh no, i might have to write a thesis in the next few months" hovering over my head. i have enough unwanted thoughts lurking around every corner without that.

but when i get rejected, the question remains of what should i do next? most people are telling me to continue at another school, but mason is the only school anywhere near me that has a phd in computer forensics. and i really like computer forensics. most of the schools in my area don't have any IT-ish phd programs because, let's face it, why would you need/want a phd in something like that? by the time you put the finishing touches on whatever you're doing it will be obsolete anyway.

blech. the good thing is that, accepted or rejected, this will be the last post ever about waiting to hear back from mason (possibly any school ever). that's kind of a relief, right? oh, and a friend had posted this song on facebook this morning. i think it fits this post too perfectly to be just a mere coincidence.

*Why Haven't I Heard From You - Reba McEntire


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 24, 2012 at 1:46 AM

    i love reba...and lemmi know when you get the letter.. i wanna be the first to know. wanna try to do something this Wednesday too?? i have to check with Hisham see if hes okay with it...but i wanted to check with you first.cuz maybe you have other plans :D

  2. anon hippo: so many people have asked to be the first. i'm telling you it's a rejection letter. and i'll let you know about wednesday. i feel like i had something to do but i can't remember it right now. if i can't then maybe we could try and make it an every other week hang out thing?

    The Procrastinator: thanksss.