Sunday, January 1, 2012

just realize what i just realized

it always feels so weird to come back from a trip, no matter how short. everything is exactly where and how you left it. everything's the same, except you. it's like you paused time, went off for a while, came back and unpaused it. and no one knows except for you. or, you know, everyone who knew you'd left. whatever.

anyway, instead of trip highlights, i've decided to compile a list of the realizations i made over the past ten or so days. this may get long. ready? here we go.

[one] it doesn't matter where a kid is from, what language s/he speaks, how old s/he is, what religion s/he practices or doesn't practice, or what kind of family s/he grew up in, they are all the same: ungrateful and obnoxious. there was not a single family that passed that didn't have at least one child crying about not getting to buy an ice cream or a souvenir, not getting to ride on a particular ride, being too hot or too cold, being hit by a sibling, being tired of walking, etc.  i mean, you are in disney world for goodness sake. shut up and enjoy yourself! and the parents are all tired from the early mornings, annoyed that they spent a gazillion dollars to listen to their kids whine a million miles away from home, and their feet hurt too. of course, the minute the kids get back to school, they'll immediately go into denial and remember the vacation as being the most amazing ever and start begging to go back. lesson learned: if i ever do have kids (my life so far has pretty much kidded me out) the first time they are going to disney world is with their own children. 

[two] virginia has the most boring licence plate in the entire united states. not only does our default not have any picture, it also doesn't have what county you live in, the state's motto/nickname/accomplishment whatever it is, or anything else. it doesn't even have the state name written in a pretty font or color. virginia was the home of more founding fathers than any other state, that should entitle us to at least a pretty font. i realize that we're really little more than DC's shadow, but we have our slightly pathetic "virginia is for lovers" thing going on, we could at least try to use that.

[three] there are still a few good kids out there. a very small few. i felt i should point them out after completely writing off children in the first point. there was the tiny kid that stopped to say bless you to me when i sneezed.  it sounds stupid, but he was really cute. there was the kid that, instead of just shoving past us in line to get to his family or pushing past with an 'excuse me,' stopped, excused himself, and waited patiently for us to let him pass before moving forward. and then there was the kid that, in the push and shove of amusement park foot traffic, accidentally bumped into us and came back to say that he was sorry. 

[four] turning into a semi-professional couch potato leads to killer foot pains when you suddenly decide to spend all day walking and standing in line. after a couple of days of pain, though, all of it went away and i made an incredible realization: i am invincible. the last day at the parks was exhausting and slightly painful, though, so my invincibility was a bit short-lived. 

[five] there are way too many harry potter fans in the world. way. too. many. harry potter world was super crowded, the stores were all pretty small so people were just squashed into them like sardines in a can, the lines to all the lines were really long, but it was still super amazing to finally get to go to it. and the forbidden journey ride was definitely one of my favorites from the vacation. 

[six] there are a lot of disgustingly bigoted people in the world. it's sometimes hard to remember this when i live in such a diverse community. but wow are people prejudiced. and racist. and stupid. 

[seven] and finally, mickey mouse is taller in person. 

*Realize - Colbie Caillat


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJanuary 4, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    this made me sad...the whole kid part. little kids don't really understand how to appreciate things, so yeah maybe ungrateful and obnoxious would be the words used to describe them but i dunno reading your post it just seems like they are pure evil and horrible and no one should have them. lol made me so sad!

    but i am SOOO glad we didn't go because it would have been torture with Hamza and Omar and they would have been soo tired which would have resulted in Hish and I getting soooo annoyed because it wasn't the amazing vacation we had planned. lol

  2. oh no, i'm not saying that no one should have kids. i'm just saying that no one should take their kids to disney world. or at the very least, they should go with the expectation that they will all be annoyed the entire time. you don't know how many parents were yelling things like, "i paid five hundred dollars to take you to see mickey mouse, now you're going to stand in line and see him," "do you know how much i paid for these tickets? you are going to have fun whether you want to or not," and "most kids would kill to spend their vacation in disney world, and what do you do? punch your brother. i could have saved time and money and watched you do that in our living room." these are all actual quotes by the way. i just think it's an expensive vacation so everyone has way too much pressure on them to make it amazing and so it becomes miserable until it's over. it's not entirely the kids' fault.