Monday, February 27, 2012

i'm never gonna leave this bed

[day 3: something you love]

there are so many different ways that i could approach this topic. i could go the easy route and change the something to a someone. i could go the predictable route and rave about my books for the millionth time. i could go the lazy route or the tongue-in-cheek route or the pedantic route. i'm not exactly sure what this route is, but i am going to talk about beds. namely, my beds, and how much i love them.

i love my beds. (you know, in case you were having doubts about how lazy i really am.) the bed that is still first in my heart is the bed i (not so) recently deserted after getting married: my high school bed. that bed is just the right amounts of comfort and torture (depending on the mattress situation), that not only was it a great place to do everything from sleeping to homework in to watching tv, but it also gave me something to talk about when i felt like the situation needed a story about sleeping on springs.

(my absolute favorite pillow, though is the one i used from elementary to ninth grade. it currently lives on my bed in the desert, and it is just amazing. summers are made that much better because i get to sleep on it for another three months.)

my current bed and i got off to a kind of rocky start. not that i didn't like it  or anything, i just couldn't love it. a month or so after sleeping in it, it got a bit annoying. the pillows were too high and wouldn't flatten out and gave me neck cramps. it squeaked too much. i suddenly felt springs. but just when i was starting to completely give up on it, it changed. and it was comfortable again. at first, unlike my old bed, the minute i woke up i would leave it, and i wouldn't go back until night fell and i was ready to sleep. but suddenly i found myself reading in bed. i had breakfast in it. i started to do my homework and watch movies and study in it. and, i think i'm beginning to love it. not to say that i spend all my time in bed, or even anywhere close to what i used to spend, though.

there was this book my sisters and i had when we were little, one of those silver/gold bound picture ones that i'm totally blanking on the name of, about a squirrel whose bed turns into a ship and he goes sailing around the world in it. i always felt like my bed would be the type that take me around the world, too. 

*Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5


  1. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 27, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    oh my god! that was my book. and it was super tiny and i got it from the grab bag in i think 2nd or third grade. :D