Tuesday, February 21, 2012

you do what you must and you do it well

so i'm sitting here trying to study, and it feels weird. i'm getting flashbacks from undergrad and getting distracted by the air. and then it hits me: i haven't studied in over a year. i haven't had to. last semester i had one class with one take home exam. the semester before i had three classes: one open book exam, one take home, and one final paper. the semester before that: two take homes and one final paper. i can't even remember when i had to study for a test in class. i was bad at studying before, but now i'm just completely awful at it.

anyway, today was long. it started at six and i won't be home until at least ten:thirty. i was at mason at seven:thirty this morning when i bought coffee and then promptly spilled some of it all over my hand and jacket while walking down the stairs. don't ask me how. and aside from the problem of it being really, really hot, i had nothing to wipe it off with. i finally got a napkin, and when going to throw it away, i threw away my phone instead.

and then there were geese reenacting every us vs them movie in history right next to me. there was one flock on one patch of grass and another on the other side of the sidewalk. they were sitting honking at each other like they were getting paid. then two geese start fighting out of nowhere, flapping their wings at each other and biting necks and stuff. let me tell you, the hitting of goose wings is loud. the rest of the geese surrounded them honking like crazy. eventually one of the geese flew off to the lake and all the ones left behind just sat on the grass together. the lone geese was honking and honking at them, but he was ignored. lesson learned: geese have no sense of loyalty.

watching my brother in his spelling bee later in the morning was fun. and my mom dropped me back off at home and we listened to bob dylan and that was fun. (perks of being carless.) but after studying i have class, and i just want to go home.

*Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan


  1. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 23, 2012 at 7:30 AM

    i'm sorry sarah but how many times is this fact going to hit you?? looool you can only write so many blogs about how the fact that you haven't really studied has just hit you :P

    btw i'm just joking...and i'm really tired. i didn't sleep until 2:30...and then omar woke up around 4 ish...and just cried and cried until 5:45...and then decided to wake up at 6. and i am EXHAUSTED!

  2. my other posts were about how i never learned anything. this is just saying that i haven't had an in-class test in forever that i needed to study for. there's a huge difference.

    does that mean little gym is cancelled? (though i suppose i'll find this out before you read this.)

  3. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 24, 2012 at 11:45 PM


    i found this interesting its like nanowrimo but for blogs! :D

  4. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 25, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    oh! i forgot to tell you hisham thought the crazy song by gnarls barkley was sung by maroon 5. LOOOOOOOOOOL

  5. that is cool. especially since i've been finding it so hard to blog recently. and lool he should be friends with abdullah. that kid thinks that any song he likes is by maroon 5.