Saturday, February 18, 2012

making the same mistakes again

the other day in class we were talking about how apple is like that obnoxious kid who grows up to be that obnoxious adult that thinks he is the best thing since juice boxes and can do no wrong, even when his mistakes are staring him right in the face. now, i have nothing against apple. i think it makes cool products, even though the only apple thing i own is my ipod. but my god, apple, do you not learn?

quick history lesson: when computers first started being the big thing there were two main forerunners: apple and microsoft. apple seemed to have a head start, but windows thought about the bigger picture. with a few smart ideas, they eventually took over the market. one of its main smart ideas: don't tie the software to the hardware. windows operating system could be used on a gazillion machines. apple was exclusively for apple.

more recent history: the dawn of the smart phone. we, again, have two main forerunners: iphones and android phones. iphones came out strong, but they made the exact same mistake they made before. iOS is for the iPhone. only. android's os is for a whole bunch of phones. we saw what happened last time this mistake was made.

and surprise of all surprises, it is happening again. the iphone hold on the market is shaky. androids have almost caught up to them. and now, when basically all conceivable new features have been made and the changes to new phones will be more along the line of storage space and processor speed instead of super cool never before seen things, iphones will start to fade.

in a few years there will be the group of apple die hards and hipsters that are using iphones and claiming superiority, but the majority of the people will be using android phones. and apple will have no one to blame but themselves.

of course, i'll still be using my crappy little dumb phone that has fallen more times than i can count, has a camera that's not even measured in megapixels, and a memory that's worse than pathetic. holding on to it is starting to be done out of pure spite now.

*Falling Away With You - Muse


  1. i'm an apple person through and through. and i thoroughly object to this post :)

  2. lol i thought a few people might. but while they may have some really cool products and innovative ideas, i stick by my claim that their marketing(? i'm blanking on the word) strategy sucks.