Friday, February 17, 2012

you always make me smile

gah it feels like my whole life is being taken over by this os security class. aside from the actual three hours a week assigned to this class, there are the extra meet up times, the office appointments, the time [that will be] spent doing crazy group projects, hours and hours trying to get stuff downloaded on my computer (that won't download) to do the million labs and homework and assignments, actually doing them, and then of course all the time i spend just panicking over everything. twelve weeks. well, thirteen if i count spring break. i cannot wait.

also, the next two months are crazy full of events and special occasions. there are bridal showers and weddings and lots and lots of birthdays. and then after that comes all the graduations. and then there's the summer which includes new babies and more weddings and family gatherings. and this is with me being  a social recluse. i can only imagine what it would be like if i still had friends. (i actually am excited about a bunch of these, even though it sounds like i'm not.)

things that are keeping me sane through all the stress: my brothers, my nephew calling me this morning to tell me that he liked the brave little toaster which i had bought for him because i loved it as a kid, laughing at wedding registries (is that mean?), getting wedding invitations in the mail, my other nephew switching his real stitches for butterfly stitches (i'd take an open wound over stitches any day. they make me so queasy), finally getting my financial guarantee letter so mason can stop harassing me for money, and books that have nothing to do with school (though i don't have much time to read them these days :/).

*You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews


  1. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 17, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    yaaaay hamza and omar both made it into your happy things list. lol

    omg today at the dr appointment. omar was naked after just being weighed and we were in the room waiting for dr "hasheen" (as hamza calls him)...and omar starts dancing around the room and singing in just his diaper. and then hamza joins in and it was the cutest and most embarrassing thing ever because they were SOOOO loud! like SOOOOOOOOOOOO loud...but they were having so much fun and laughing at each other. :D

  2. this story made me happy. i am very into young sibling friendship right now. abdullah and ali were adorable the other night too.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 17, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    lol i think they're too old to be adorable :D but what did they do?