Thursday, February 2, 2012

let's go, time's a wastin'

this morning, as i checked four of my email accounts, my blackboard account to see when an assignment was due, my patriotweb to see if my bill was paid, my bank account to make sure i had enough money to buy all the text books i suddenly need, my amazon account to track a package, my facebook, and my blog, i realized that i spend a lot of time signing in to things.

i must have spent a year at least just typing in my mason id and password into all of the different mason sites a million and three times a day for the past six years. none of them let you stay signed in when you leave the page, secure but annoying. and then when there are conflicting sites (like my two gmail accounts or my mason mail and hotmail) i have to keep signing out of one and into another throughout the day. there's another nine months gone. and when i go from joe to junior to a school computer, i have to sign into everything all over again. i've spent at least three months doing that. 

and then i wondered, if i spent less time signing into things, would i actually be more productive? ignoring all the time i waste on the sites themselves, am i using precious moments to type and retype variations of 'skabli' and my password? let's say i spend fifteen minutes a day signing in. in those fifteen minutes, i could have written or edited a page or two of a novel. with a page everyday, i could have a publishable book done in a year. if i spent those fifteen minutes teaching myself how to program, i could write my own malware and infect the worlds' computers thereby guaranteeing myself a job with the us government after i get out of jail. if i spent the time exercising, people wouldn't constantly congratulate me on being pregnant. if i spent it doing something religious, i could work my way towards heaven. if i even just spent it playing online games (flood-it on google + is my obsession) or watching netflix i would at least be having fun.

but i'm not. i'm just inputting a username and password. i'm wasting time waiting to do things to waste more time. there has to be a more efficient way to do this. 

*Tine's A Wastin' - Johnny and June Cash


  1. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 2, 2012 at 9:50 PM

    i know what you mean...but at the same time I hate how google has everything connected. so if i sign into gmail is also being signed into and if i log out of my gmail then youtube is logged out of too. there has to be a middle ground.

  2. I don't log out of anything and link accounts... so all my hotmails are linked, my yahoo and gmail is linked etc.. yaho, fb and G+ are linked, deviantart, fb, twitter and tumblr are linked, photobucket, fb and twitter are linked etc

    Yeah... generally gives me two things to sign into and everything else is automatic