Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hate me today, hate me tomorrow

[day five: something you wore]

we wore uniforms in my high school. white button up shirts, plaid skirts, black shoes, and, depending on who the principal was at the time and how strictly they enforced the uniform, green plaid ties. i didn't mind the uniform on the whole, but it instilled in me a hatred for tights so deep that i have never bought or worn a pair since i graduated almost six years ago.

we all wore black tights under our skirts, and words cannot even begin to describe how much i hated them. i hated putting them on. i hated taking them off for PE. i hated washing them. i hated how our bathroom was full of my sister's and my drying tights. i hated when they got runs in them. i hated when they weren't the perfect opaqueness. i just hated everything about them.

and i still do. i refuse to ever wear tights ever again in my life. ever.

*Hate Me - Blue October


  1. I hate tights... but always have - I refused to wear a skirt for the last year of primary school and was permitted to wear grey trousers. Then, at high school, I always wore trousers - never the horrid skirt and tights...

    What was worse was when people didn't want to wear tight so wore white ankle socks with black pumps and a "just above the knee" grey skirt... Looked AWFUL

  2. Just realised something.... the timestamp on your post is 11:31am, the timestamp on my comment is 8:42am.... I'm guessing your comments are west coast time setting and your blog east? (It was, after all 16:42 I posted the comment here :p)

    Just made me laugh that I commented before the post :D

  3. My girlfriend and I wear a uniform for school and once, between classes (and in a secluded spot) she asked me to tie her tie for her. So, I tied her tie and fixed her collar. Well, that led to us fooling around and making out. I grabbed her tie and pulled it loose and her collar got all twisted up. Then the bell rang for the next class, so it was off to class. In the end, I guess I didn't do a very good job of tying her tie, but even with her tie loose and crooked and her collar sticking up in her face on one side (her top collar still remained buttoned) she still looked hot!

  4. Hannah: we never had a choice. it was only skirts for us. and after you left elementary school, you couldn't choose socks over tights either, so we never had that problem. also, our skirts were all under our knees (some wore skirts to their ankles) since we were an islamic school. i remember whenever we would buy uniforms the other people in the store would laugh at how long our skirts were. it was fun.

    and i have no idea what's up with my time stamps. it has the right time in the settings but just switches back and forth on its own here on the blog. i haven't had time to really figure out what's wrong with them.

    Anonymous: thanks for sharing that, and congratulations on having i hot girlfriend? i suppose.