Thursday, March 1, 2012

you make me smile

[day six: something that makes you smile]

comments. i love getting comments on my blog posts. i always say that i write for myself, but knowing that people read this stuff is awesome. i love when people say that one of my posts made them think. i love when they give feedback on my writing. i love when they share stories and personal thoughts and ideas. i love getting comments from random people and people who rarely comment. i love getting comments from my regular commenters. comments make me happy... if you hadn't picked up on that yet.

i've always loved comments. there was nothing i hated more in school than writing a paper and getting it back with no comments on it. my favorite teachers were the ones that actually read all the papers and made thoughtful comments about them. i'm not talking about pointing out sentence fragments or a wrongly used words, i mean comments about the actual content. it could be as simple as an "interesting point!" next to a point that i was secretly really proud of to a paragraph written at the end discussing the things i brought up.

you would think that being so in love with comments would have me putting myself out there to get comments, but when have i ever done anything that made sense? instead, i spent most of my life refusing to let anyone read anything of mine or giving anyone the chance to comment on anything.

random fact: i think this is one of the laziest title picking days i've ever had.

*You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews


  1. If I ever got work back without a comment I would go up to the teacher and demand feedback... how are you meant to improve with just a number or a tick - a comment tells you what is good and what is crap :p

    On another note - started a fictional blog and would likey some comments on it :D - set in 2292 (and the calendar then will be identical to the calendar atm as they repeat every 28 years so the days even match up :D). Only a couple of days in, but hey, have a gander

  2. exactly. i always just assumed that the teachers were too lazy to read it, and never really learned anything from them after that because i felt like they had nothing worth teaching.

    i will go look at the blog right now. i don't know how you keep up with multiple blogs. i can barely do the one. (so i just looked at the first page of the blog, and is it like the story you had written on fantastical creatures? this is cool.)

  3. i usually have a comment, most of the time get it typed and published, and plan on coming back to see any responses, but i always forget to.
    i actually randomly went back to the cookie jar post today to read if there was a response, before i read this post.

    as for me, i appreciate comments, i rarely respond though because i assume people are like me and they don't return to posts they had commented on previously.

  4. I always respond to comments... I don't care if they never come back to that post, but if they do, they can see I responded :p

  5. i try to respond to most comments, just in case they come back to look. a lot of the time, though, responses consist of "thanks" and "cool" and probably aren't worth someone coming back for.

    and i still haven't started my cookie jar which i'm sad about. stupid classes take up way more time than they should.