Saturday, March 10, 2012

things you should know

when i was eight i stole a bugs bunny pin. i stole a purple baseball cap. i stole a stuffed koala. i stole a diamond ring. i gave the diamond ring back.

i tried to be anorexic once. i thought it would be easier than being me or being happy or being normal, but i couldn't do that either. i have a collection of things i can't do.

(i'm not sorry about the stealing.)

the poet inside of me is a thirteen year old girl who wears her bangs long and locks herself in her room and plays angry rock music way too loud. she's not really a poet; she just thinks she is. i'm no different than her; i just think i am.

i don't love words, i love thoughts. and pieces of imagination that don't make a full picture. words are just the tools i was given to destroy everything i love. some people use fake laughs instead.

i once wanted to be a surgeon so i could slip poetry between people's ribs and behind their kidneys and under their livers before i closed them back up.

(you could destroy the world with fake laughter.)

i'm not a bad person; you just think i am. 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 13, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    you forgot to mention the spoon you stole from that buffet. and the keychain thingy mommy made you return.

    and who's diamond ring did you steal?! :S i did not know you stole soo many things! i thought the koala bear thing of calling you a thief was just a joke!

    and the surgeon thing was very disturbing.

  2. lol i didn't mention a lot of the things i stole. the diamond ring was a school thing. and the koala bear was actually accidental stealing. i was holding it and so it never got rung up.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 16, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    i know the koala bear was an accident which is why calling you a thief was a joke.

    did you steal your teachers diamond ring????

  4. no no it really wasn't stealing in the technical sense. a girl in my class had worn it and lost it on the playground. i found it and said it was mine. i got half the class convinced that my cousin gave it to me for my birthday. it was a big thing. when i gave it back, they all thought i was giving the girl my ring because she was so upset over losing hers. they all thought it was so unfair and so generous of me.