Thursday, March 8, 2012

she's got everything she needs

[day thirteen: inside your bag/backpack]

it would be so much easier to just take the "inside my bag" picture that was so popular a while ago, but i can't find my camera, and it's probably dead anyway. so i'll make do with lists. a lot of stuff just gets moved from one bag to another, so if i were to go into my purse today (since i had class last night) all i have is my kobo, a gum wrapper, a pen, a bill from my doctor, an ipod sock, a static electricity eliminator thing, and a picture of the geico gecko my brother gave me after my dad gave it to him.

my "backpack" on the other hand (which is more a shoulder bag than a backpack) is chock full of stuff i don't need. for example:
  • in the front right zip pocket i have nineteen pens, three permanent markers, a calligraphy pen, an eraser, and a mini stapler.
  • in the front left zip pocket, i have a pack of gum, two chapsticks, eye drops, a few gum wrappers, and hand lotion.
  • in the front pocket (this bag has lots of different pockets/compartments. i'm calling them all pockets) i have my keys and loose change.
  • in the main pocket i have my wallet, a notebook, a novel, a homework assignment, and some ticket stubs.
  • in the back pocket i have a pack of tissues, napkins, and one of those pocket prayer rugs.
  • in the left side pocket i have my ipod... and a meal bar?
  • in my right side pocket i have a dose of excedrin migraine, a dose of children's tylenol, and a to-go bottle of aleve. i have four packs of post-its (thin packs, though, that mason gave out on different occasions.) i have a small first-aid kit, a nail file, a pocket mirror, and a small container of play-doh with two molds.
and there you have it. i carry a bunch of crap to and from school everyday when all i really need is a notebook and pen. it accumulated over a few years, though, because i've been using this bag forever (much to the chagrin of my younger sister who believes every semester should come with its own bag).

*She Belongs to Me - Bob Dylan


  1. you're probably prepared for a zombie apocalypse. probably could withstand a nuclear bomb. or dinosaurs coming back. or an earthquake/tsunami/fire.
    14 writing utensils is a little crazy. just saying.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 9, 2012 at 8:25 PM

    no the reason she carries 19 pens is because she is worried they will get thrown overboard. So she has to be prepared..I mean it would make sense to the normal person to carry only 2...but apparently sarah has a lot of friends who like to throw her pens off of boats. :D

  3. r.: lol yeah probably, but you never know when eighteen people will need to borrow a pen while you're writing. plus, i was a girl scout... they were taught to be prepared, right? or was that only the boy scouts?

    anon hippo: loool exaaaaactly.