Monday, March 12, 2012

drink the water, drink it down

[day seventeen: your water]

i'm weird with water drinking. for example, water is one of my top two drinks at restaurants. (logan's roadhouse has the best water ever. like ever, ever. i go there just for the water. chili's has one of the worst.) at home, though - at least in america - i don't do water alone. i drink crystal light (which is made with water) and then further dilute it with at least half a cup of water depending on the flavor. in the desert, i drink water alone all the time. i think it's the fact that the water there is cold while here it was always room temp. (my dad hates cold water.) the water in our apartment is in a brita filter thingie in the fridge, but i guess the no drinking water at home is a hard habit to break.

my brother's science fair project this year involved testing water. he was basically comparing tap, filtered, and bottled water. he found that not only is bottled water bad for the environment, it is also rarely any different than tap. plus, it doesn't follow the same regulations as tap water since it's technically a food item. he was just testing the ph levels, nitrate/nitrite levels, hardness, and alkalinity, but it was still interesting. evian water was the farthest from the recommended levels on everything. filtered water (brita) and dasani were pretty similar and probably the best.

on a different note, these downloadable dust jackets are my favorite thing today. they're a great way to tell people to leave you alone with your book without having to come out of your fictional world to tell them.

*Drink the Water - Jack Johnson


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 12, 2012 at 8:59 PM my mouth knows best. Dasani was ALWAYS my favorite water. It had the best taste, to me.

    and the dust jackets would be awesomer if you didn't have to go print them out yourself. and if it was a kindle cover.

  2. yeah but if you didn't have to print them out yourself then they probably wouldn't be free. and i think someone said that they were going to make ebook covers next.