Wednesday, March 7, 2012

when we're walking to far for the price of our shoes

[day twelve: your favorite shoe]

i am not a shoe person. i'm really not. like a true book nerd, i prefer to spend my money on things to read than things to wear on my feet. my younger sister is probably the most shoe crazy of all of us, but both of my sisters have always been into shoes. i'm more of a buy flip flops in every color and call myself set kind of a person. so i'm not really sure if i have a favorite shoe. instead, here are some random thoughts/memories that i have about shoes:

the shoe has always been my first choice monopoly game piece to play with though. always.

in the school i went to for half of first grade through third grade, we had an annual walk-a-thon fundraiser thing. the class that walked the most laps in total got the honor of keeping the trophy with them for an entire year. the trophy was a golden shoe.

i wore saddle shoes to school for both second (possibly third?) grade and fifth grade.

i remember a couple years back when i couldn't go three minutes without hearing that shoes clip being quoted by tv, radio, friends, family, and random strangers.

i never understood people who would wear shoes they could barely walk in to field trips or around campus. just the other day there was a girl wearing six inch leopard heels and complaining about how her feet hurt and she had to walk across campus to get to class. i was always a comfort first kind of girl.

a couple of years ago my sister and i were going to a wedding my cousin didn't want to go to. she was trying to get us to skip it, and when we didn't everything that could get wrong went wrong. my sister ruined her dress, my hair turned into a wild tangle out of nowhere, and my shoes literally broke in half to name a few things that happened. the heel didn't just break off, the entire shoe broke. i don't even know how it happened.

*Absolutely (Story of a Girl) - Nine Days


  1. Shoooooes - I hate the buggers... if it weren't for people dropping glass in their drunkeness and disgusting dog owners, I'd walk in my socks.. or barefoot

  2. lol i really don't have much of an opinion on them. i don't hate them, and i like my winter boots, but i don't find searching for new/appropriate ones as fun as some others might. socks, though, i love socks.

    also, my tenth grade history teacher hated shoes. she just wouldn't wear them whenever she didn't have to. she would tell us stories about how her kids hated going to the mall with her because she would just walk barefoot. a lot of the time she would come to school with two different shoes on because she really didn't care/look/notice, she hated them that much.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 7, 2012 at 9:03 PM

    which teacher was that?! :S

    and i know how/why your shoe broke. 1. they were crappy cheap ones from mahmoud saeed or souq alshatea. 2. sitting in the ridiculous heat ruined the cheap quality plastic the shoe was made of ...making it even crappier.

    i love shoes... get some shoes! :D hehe i love that song

  4. you didn't have her, but i'll tell you her name offline. i dunno, i feel bad saying things on here with names.

    and i'm pretty sure they were shoes from here. now i'm questioning which shoe broke and i won't be able to check until the summer.

    and lol yes the video reminds me of you more than anyone else.

  5. The only shoes I like are my running shoes... Most shoes that are narrow enough to stay on my feet cramp up my toes.... my running shoes have wide fronts, but cost me £90 >.>

  6. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 8, 2012 at 8:07 AM

    i think i have an idea of who she is...i just can't remember her name.

    where r you going? out! whore! what are you gonna do with your life? i'm going to get what i want!