Monday, March 5, 2012

we'll leave behind a life and time we'll never know again

[day ten: something from your childhood]

well isn't this just the perfect topic for my nostalgia-addicted self. when i was little i was a big stuffed-animal person (i still think they're pretty awesome), but i think one of my favorite stuffed animals by far was this stuffed cat i named pierre. depending on which generation you're from, you may remember these. they were little stuffed cats with a ball or rattle or something in their head so they purred when you pet them and they had this balloon thing in their stomachs to make them feel real (as opposed to stuffing).

thanks to google, i have found that they were called kitty kitty kittens plush cat purrs (is that a mouthful of a name or what?), and here's what they looked like:

they're a little sad looking now, i think. pierre was that black and white one in the bottom left corner (apparently named midnight). my older sister had "patches," and my younger one had "tiki (possibly "smokey?"). (names are in quotes because that is not what we called them.)

anyway, i thought pierre was magic. not only did i carry him around everywhere i could, get super upset when someone squeezed him too hard (i was afraid of his bubble popping), and never let anyone play with him but me, but i also knit him a scarf, wove him a blanket, and whenever someone got sick i would let them borrow him to feel better. i seriously thought the world of that cat.

i haven't really thought about pierre for years (though he's still up in my parents' attic), but the minute i read the topic for today, he came into my head like he had never really left.

*Please Remember - Leann Rimes


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 5, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    omg i LOVED my cat!!! I remember when we got them too. we were staying with grandma and grandpa i dont remember where they were living...but it was a glomy foggy day. and we went to some mall..bought them and went to their house which is also a blur and watched a movie and ate junk food with our new cats!

    and seriously which one did she have??? for some reason i think it was either princess or smokey...not tiki.

    *sigh* I want my things from the attic...and i'm never going to get them :|

  2. We didn't have these

    I do, however, have a "small" selection of my favourite stuffed toys in our room... the rest are in about 3 bin liners full in the loft back home... plus some in boxes >.>

  3. anon hippo: i remember being with grandma and grandpa, and when you mentioned the foggy day that struck a chord, but i don't remember anything else about it. i'm assuming they were in the house near capitol reef, because that's when i remember first having pierre.

    i have no idea. i was so sure it was smokey and then i was like no no for sure tiki... princess is moe orangey than i remember hers being, though.

    and we took down every box that had your name on it. the rest of your stuff is in boxes mixed with everyone else's stuff i guess.

    Hannah: lool good to know i'm not the only person over ten that still has more stuffed animals than they know what to do with.

  4. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 6, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    no it wasn't that was some other place...

    thats not possible!!!! that box with my snake, caboodle, and a bunch of other stuff from my room in dunn meadow. :( this is so annoying! i want my things lol

  5. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 6, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    oh and all the stuff you guys gave me were boxes i packed before moving into arlington. so it was all college things. and stuff from my trevor place room