Tuesday, March 13, 2012

look what your money bought

[day eighteen: something you bought]

i get buyer's remorse over everything that is not food or books (and food is not always an exception). there is an eternity between the time i decide i want/need/should buy something to the point that i actually buy it. if i ever do. i seriously spent a week debating over an air freshener. a week! i'm pretty good at talking myself out of purchases and then spending my money on things i don't need or even particularly want instead.

but this post came at a good time, because i actually did just buy something (besides a few more books off of amazon). the other day i bought a new computer. since junior is a netbook and doesn't have enough memory, and joe is becoming a dinosaur, i really needed something that i could do my work on that would actually work. despite this, i still spent quite a while debating whether i really really needed it or not. the only thing that pushed me to get it was that i haven't been able to do any of the work for one of my classes, which i can get away with when it's classwork but not with my big project.

anyway, i went and bought the computer on friday. his name is james (after one of my favorite professors ever). i haven't used him much because it's spring break and i keep putting off all my work, but he's awesome.

*Look What Your Money Bought - Nickelback


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    can't wait to meet james. and i have the same decision making process where i talk myself out of buying things and then end up buying a whole lotta junk i dont need. :| i wish i'd talk myself out of buying all the crap! and just get the one thing i originally intended on buying.

    random note: my fridge is making a weird noise and its scaring the crap outta me. :S :S :S

  2. what type of computer is it?

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 14, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    sony vaio

  4. what she^ said.

    and refrigerator noises remind me of gilmore girls.