Thursday, March 22, 2012

it doesn't matter much to me if it doesn't matter much to you

[day twenty-seven: your lunch]

goodness gracious but this challenge likes meals. i'm not an organized eater. in the sense that i generally don't have three meals a day at designated times. a lot of the time i'll have one meal and a couple of snacks. some days i'll eat dinner at two in the afternoon and call it a day. other days i'll eat twelve and a half meals by four and then go searching for dinner. names for meals have no meaning for me. i eat. does what it's called really make a difference? for example, it's eleven in the morning and i just ate four pieces of candy corn and a chocolate chip cookie. it's the first thing i ate today so is it my breakfast? or because it's eleven should i call it brunch? lacking the nutritional basis of a real meal is it just a snack? if i don't eat anything else until dinner with my family at five, does that make their dinner my lunch? my breakfast? or does time have priority over order?who decides these things?

moving away from the challenge for a minute, the hunger games movie is coming out tomorrow. one of my first posts on here way back in march 2009, mentioned that lionsgate had just bought the movie rights. it feels a little surreal to me. on one hand, i feel like i just posted that yesterday. (although in that post i apparently loved jane eyre [the character]? i remember not liking her. i think it's time to reread the book.) on the other hand i feel like i've been waiting for this movie forever. i have a feeling that plans will fall through and i'll end up not seeing it for weeks. that's usually what happens with me.

*A Matter of Time - Foo Fighters


  1. Haha. This is so how I think these days.

    When I was a kid, breakfast was whatever I could grab before running out the door to catch the bus to school, lunch was whatever the cafeteria was handing out that day, and dinner was...usually something from the freezer (two working parents). But there were clear times! And it was organized!

    Now, being a housewife, I tend to snack from the time I wake up until Kyle comes home and declares it's time for dinner. And since he's never on the same schedule for more than a couple weeks at a time, that's not even reliable...

    My "breakfast" was a granola bar and some chips. Lunch was frozen blueberry waffles. And I don't even want to think about dinner...

  2. exactly! school made everything so much easier to follow. you knew when to eat and what to call everything. i can only imagine how hard it is with kyle's changing schedule. i'm two months into the semester and on days when my husband and i have classes, i'm still not sure when to eat. we're out of the house from three to eleven, and i try not to eat that late at night, but sometimes an early "dinner" just doesn't cut it. and i haven't had frozen waffles in years, but i really want some now.

  3. Ha! I hadn't had frozen waffles in FOREVER. And then a few weeks ago I bought a box at the grocery, and now I can't stop. They're addictive!! ;)