Tuesday, March 6, 2012

if i could relive those days, i know the one thing that would never change

[day eleven: your favorite school binder]

okay, so this one seems like it was put in the list just for me. senior year of high school, i was sitting in ap calc when a friend told me to start a story. being a loser, i couldn't, so she started one and i added to it. i'm not sure what we were expecting to come from it that first day, but the writing of the story spanned months. it was six hundred hand written pages (not counting the pages we rewrote/edited/scrapped). i spent the last month or so of school and most of the summer typing it up.

anyway, when it became clear to us that carrying around loose-leaf papers was not the smartest idea, i used a red binder (i wanna say it was for physics, but i really have no idea. i know it wasn't my english, arabic, or math binder, as if this makes a difference) to hold it in. when the red binder was getting too full to close and the rings were starting to deform, i emptied my purple english binder for the rest of the story. at the end of the year, i took the purple binder (the second half) and my friend took the red. but those two binders were by far my favorite schools binders ever. the purple one still sits next to my bookshelf with the rest of my books.

and i promise that that will be the last time i talk about the story here. at least for a while.

before those, however, i had this lavender floppy binder that i loved. i used it for eighth and tenth grade. during tenth grade, our english teacher would sometimes do a binder check to make sure we all had them with us. one girl from the other english class didn't, so she ended up stealing mine from my locker. when i confronted her, she said it was hers, though it was a pretty unique color and had my doodles on it. anyway, on the last day of school it was put back in my locker, so i guess there was no harm done? i dunno... i was still pretty annoyed with her.

*Photograph - Nickelback


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 6, 2012 at 12:11 PM

    omg who was the binder thief??

    and "the purple one still sits next to my bookshelf with the rest of my books." why is the binder, and all of your books apparently, next to the bookshelf and not on it? :P

  2. i'm too mature and over it now to say her name. at least on a public forum like this.

    haha i noticed that when i was reading over this but didn't feel like fixing it. the binder because it doesn't fit on the shelf. the rest of the books because... i have a new favorite series of the moment and so i had to take them down? (refer to the comments here http://todefineistolimit.blogspot.com/2010/09/one-stubborn-way-to-turn-your-back.html#comments).

  3. yes, another reference to me :)
    my red binder is in my box of diaries. i just looked through it. it still has our honor society script, some of my unfinished ap physics homework, and a ton of extra loose-leaf papers.
    i also found pages 366 and 562, which i believe belong to you. or maybe they're in here bc they were unused drafts?

  4. lol i've been referencing you a lot this month. i think this means we should meet up.
    my binder has a calc study guide and an invitation to our beowulf play along with a million unused drafts.
    i am missing a couple of pages from mine, i'm just not sure which off the top of my head. i know mai's part is missing, though.