Monday, March 19, 2012

if i should buy jellybeans, have to eat them all in just one sitting

[day twenty-four: your guilty pleasure]

i was halfway through a post on lifetime movies when i realized i've already said just about everything i have to say on that subject. so, i was forced to rack my brain for other guilty pleasures. (not that it was very hard. half of my favorite things should be qualified as guilty pleasures.) here's a list i came up with:
  • lifetime movie equivalents in books. namely, poorly written novels, young adult novels (not all qualify for this mind you), and trashy romance novels. i love them all. a very predictable story where the brooding loner angry passenger and the bubbly flight attendant fall in love over the course of a three hour plane ride and live happily ever after? yes please. i don't just read to look smart, and i can enjoy pretty much everything. 
  • nickelodeon shows. speaking of, i thought the big time rush movie of them in london was pretty good. anyone else watch it? 
  • eating an entire bag of jellybeans/candy corn/chocolates in one sitting. i have no self-control. and they are delicious. judge me all you want.
  • buying things i don't need on sale. you know that friends episode where phoebe buys tons of birdseed for a great price though she doesn't have a bird? yeah, that's me. there's something inherently pleasurable about getting something i don't need for a bargain. 
  • cyber-stalking. though this one may be a social norm now? maybe not cyber-stalking should be classified as a guilty pleasure. 
  • putting things in my amazon cart that i never buy. i have hundreds of things in my cart on amazon all "saved for later." strolling through the virtual aisles of amazon and just throwing everything that even slightly interests or intrigues me into my cart is something i do way too often.
  • eating frosting out of the jar/can/bottle? i forgot what you call a frosting container, but you know what i mean. i haven't done this in far too long, but it's one of life's greatest pleasures. trust me. oh, and i'm going to add eating cookie dough to this one so i don't sound like fatty with too many eating related guilty pleasure bullet points.
i could go on forever (seriously. as i typed those few words, two more popped into my head), but seven seems like a good number to stop at. what are some of your guilty pleasures?

*Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright


  1. i can't do lifetime movies at all. my sister is like you though. i'll find her in her room on saturday, with a bag of ketchup chips and like three lifetime movies she expects to watch.
    buttttttt.... i definitely love big time rush. they remind me of the marauders somehow. i also like pretty little liars. i really got addicted to that show.
    and my amazon cart still has all of the bbc production movies i memorized but still need to buy, like emma, persuasion etc.
    but it's one of my pet peeves to buy things i don't need, my mom does it all the time so i have 10 pajama pants that i will never use. half of them from the men's side.

  2. ketchup chips! i haven't had those in forever. i watched a few episodes of pretty little liars, got really into it, and decided to start it from the beginning. i still haven't done that so i avoid the show until i get the chance.
    i have all of the bbc movies in my cart too after you talked about them. i had bought a couple of them for hannah one year, but i still haven't gotten around to getting them for myself.
    i think the buying stuff you don't need is like sentimentality. it skips a generation. my parents, especially my dad, would never let us get anything we didn't need. so now i'm the opposite. just like how my mom used to just throw out everything, and to counteract that i became over-sentimental about things and have a hard time throwing out anything.
    oh, and men's pajama pants are my favorite.

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