Sunday, March 4, 2012

sarcastic, i said

[day nine: something you use daily]

i am a sarcastic person. but don't you just hear everyone and their mothers claiming that today? i remember a few semesters ago while we were doing that beginning-of-the-semester-introduction-with-one-interesting-fact-no-one-remembers-about-you thing, one kid's interesting fact was that he was sarcastic. he said it like he was announcing that he was the first man to walk on the moon. the professor's reply: if that's the most interesting thing about you, you must be the most boring person alive. everyone in this room could probably say that they're sarcastic. his new fact was that he played on the school's baseball team.

i've known a couple of people that "just don't do sarcasm." they don't use it or understand it. a potential friendship with one such girl who was probably a really nice person was ruined because of that. i can admit that i probably use sarcasm way too much, and with her not understanding half of what i was really meaning, every conversation was just confusion and frustration. i've also known a few people who claim to be sarcastic that should really have sarcasm explained to them.

apparently, this is pretty common. according to this study on sarcasm,  twenty-five percent of people don't use sarcasm, or at least they claim not to. fifty-five percent of the people who claimed to be sarcastic were not. they were just being mean and calling it sarcasm. that means that only around thirty-three percent of the people were actually sarcastic, though seventy-five percent thought they were. i find it sad that such a high percentage of people either can't recognize or don't use sarcasm.

as for me, i use it every day.

*Wake Up Call - Relient K


  1. Makes me think of BBT - Sheldon doesn't get sarcasm.... :p

  2. oh yeah! i had forgotten that. and he's such an awesome character that i can't really say that i wish he did.

  3. I love it when he tallies up the times he gets sarcasm and when he doesn't