Wednesday, March 28, 2012

your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone

i read captain alatriste a while ago, and i really liked this quote:

"We have no choice but to fight. [...] Against stupidity, evil, superstition, envy, and ignorance. [...] Which is to say, against all Spain. Against everything." ~don Francisco Quevedo, Captain Alatriste, pg 59

i feel like it's still relevant, not about spain per se, but about everyone everywhere. i originally had thoughts - real thoughts - concerning it (which is why i typed it into a blogger draft), but at the moment i can't seem to find them. i have a ghost of a thought (or maybe it's a memory?) haunting my head at the moment, coming around to moan and groan at the most inopportune moments. i'll be working on my homework, finally getting it to work right, and then it'll pop up, rattle its chains, and suddenly my understanding is gone. or i'll start to think that i may have worked out the kinks in a story when it comes and blankets everything in my head, suffocating all my thoughts until i'm left with only it. floating there. refusing to go away.

it's turning me into quite the whiner. i just deleted like half a page of complaints and petty annoyances. you're welcome for that.

*My Immortal - Evanescence 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 28, 2012 at 10:34 PM

    my brain is i can't comprehend what is being said in the quote. i'm just commenting so there will be a comment. lol

    today was a BUSY day. we woke up went to the playground which i called you at. went home..had lunch. boys took a nap. woke up.. washed dishes folded laundry...made sure house was still decent. drove to metro..took metro to hisham's work. visited hishams office. left with hisham...walked from his office to georgetown. got lunch at johnny rockets. noticed that omar seems to be getting pink eye too :|...walked to rosslyn metro station..took metro back home, gave omar a bath to help clear up his congestion a bit so that he can breathe better. got him to sleep...and am now fighting to stay awake so i can watch my show. :( i'm tired!

    1. um... the quote is pretty self-explanatory.

      and since when do you do metro? and alone? i remember you freaking out when we went to hisham's work in dc that time. japan must have really changed you. oh, and i've always wanted to try johnny rockets.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    you've never had johnny rockets?! :| my first time was ISA field trip to georgetown...second time bahamas :D It's nothing special. Their food is good though..and their milkshakes.

    and believe me buying the ticket stressed me out a bit..because what if i didn't have enough money! :D but once i was on the train i was fine. :D