Sunday, March 25, 2012

nothing but emptiness in my refrigerator

yesterday i got up early to go watch the hunger games with my husband and sisters. after the movie we hung around talking for hours. shortly after i came home, my friend texted asking me to come over. by the time i came back home from that, it was late and blogging was no longer on my mind. so, though i started this post yesterday, i'm posting it today. and no, anonymous hippopotamus, i do not consider it a fail. there is nowhere that states it has to be thirty consecutive days. gosh. the only problem is that i could have finished today... and i didn't. sad.

[day twenty-nine: inside your fridge]

for the month of march, my husband and i decided to not eat out at all. no more stopping by chipotle for an easy lunch or ordering a pizza for an easy dinner. that means that we have slightly more food in our refrigerator than we would normally have, despite the fact that we're planning on grocery shopping today. (even after shopping, it still looks empty to me compared to my fridge at home. do you realize how hard it was for me to go from a household of seven plus to a household of two? things just don't finish as fast as they used to. there was a lot of thrown out food those first couple of months.) anyway, here's what's in my fridge (i think i had more things in my bag):

  • water, iced tea, orange juice, milk, pepsi
  • bread, tortillas, hot dog buns
  • eggs
  • fruit yogurt
  • sliced cheddar cheese, grated parmesan-romano cheese, cream cheese
  • leftover chicken
  • homemade garlic sauce
  • salad
  • ranch dressing
  • green olives
  • grape jelly and strawberry jam
  • mild and spicy peppadew pepper
  • sliced turkey
  • a toblerone bar (which is a bit of an inside joke between my mom and i) and some of the personalized m&ms that have our wedding date. 
  • lemon juice
  • butter
  • condiments
  • those cake decorating pens/markers
  • a jar of salsa
  • half a can of spaghetti sauce
 thrilling, right?

*Refrigerator - Stroke 9


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 28, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    i can relate. when i'd make my recipes we'd end up with left overs for days!! thankfully i've gotten the hang of cooking and shopping for less. :D

    you should buy grapes...and more fruit!! seriously fruit is awesome!!

  2. i dunno... i kinda stopped eating fruits except at the parents' house. we'll occasionally buy some though, eat it, buy some more, and then the second batch will go bad.