Friday, March 16, 2012

the kids are doing fine

[day twenty-one: a reflection of something]

my mind is kind of everywhere right now, so i expect this post will be too. this morning, after waking up before the sun, i went to my old school for a "hollywood award assembly" for my brothers. and let me tell you, it was awesome. like really, totally, completely awesome. i have always been a fan of school assemblies because, even at their worst, there are kids lining up on stage to be made fun of which is great (and of course i like being there to support my brothers), but today was extra great. there was dancing and protests against homework and poetry and skits and giving out of awards and kids acting stupid or awkward on stage and then at the end they all stood there together and sang a michael jackson song (which is now stuck in my head, but so totally worth it). and then there was a "hollywood lunch" where my sister and i made friends with a group of fourth graders. i also saw my fifth grade friends which was fun.  it was just an overall fun morning which put me in a pretty great mood despite the gloomy weather and everyone else's bad moods around me. (i need to find new words for fun, awesome, and great.)

seeing the groups of friends made me realize what i missed out on during my elementary years being so shy. (i'm reflecting, see?) there were times when i seriously doubted my friends even knew what i sounded like. i would rarely do or take anything i wanted, even when offered or included, because i was so shy. (this is true on various levels depending on my age, the group of people around me, and the school i was in.) (and no, i'm not making friends with elementary students now to relive my childhood. i'm just sitting with my brothers' friends because their families didn't come.) and since i can honestly say that i had a pretty awesome childhood, it obviously hasn't scarred me or anything.

*The Never-Ending Why - Placebo

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  1. anonymous hippopotamusMarch 20, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    i feel like that sometimes too..