Friday, February 10, 2012

steal away into that way back when

when i was in kindergarten, my friends and i would sometimes play aladdin during recess. i don't remember actually playing the game much, but i do remember the five minutes or so before when we would choose characters pretty well. i would always choose to play raja. for those of you not fully educated in disney characters, that's jasmine's pet tiger. i'm not sure why i was so pressed to play an animal, but i was the tiger every. single. time.

when i was in second grade, my friends and i made a teddy bear picnic kind of club where, once a week, we would each bring a teddy bear to school to play with at recess. i would always bring a small white bear i got with a pair of pajamas. he wore a matching pair. his name is stuffy. he still sits in the toy box in the playroom at my parent's house. i have this distinct memory of us all letting our teddy bears climb up the jungle gym. stuffy was the smallest one there.

when we were all much, much younger, my sisters and i would play this game about witches and small children. the details are a little foggy, but i remember two of us being witches (usually me and my younger sister) and we would catch a little girl (my older sister) and we always ended up turning her into a cat. we would play this while wearing our footsie pajamas which were fuzzy like fur. we would also play whatever my older sister was learning at school. i remember playing ancient egypt (my younger sister and i were slaves and whipped with a jump rope) and reenacting the experiences of chinese immigrants coming to san francisco.

my younger sister and i would also play these long, elaborate games that would last for weeks with little figures (rainbow brite and these small dogs and cats come to my mind) and the boxes from those hickory farms cheese and meat gifts. every night we would shove everything under my bed to be pulled out and continued the next day. the figures went on wild adventures, had little song and dance numbers, and even suffered through the mundane things like cleaning their houses/cars (the boxes).

one time, my sisters, a neighbor girl, and i all played doctor to a tree that had a root that was sticking up. another time my sisters and i made a lemonade/lemon stand (the only business we had was the neighbor girl and a lady who took some lemons, said she had to get the money from her house, and never came back. every saturday was filled with softball and soccer games, and whoever wasn't the one playing would hang out at the snack shack and playgrounds.

sometimes, i look back on my childhood and see all of the stuff that we had that kids these days don't, and what we didn't have that they do, and i'm just so grateful for everything. i had a great childhood, especially those california days. sometimes i think about how different i would be without that.

*Stay Gold - Stevie Wonder


  1. Anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 10, 2012 at 11:13 PM

    Lol you made me laugh...ahh the good old days. I honestly do not remember whipping you guys our making you guys be slaves. I remember us all travelling in a time machine (our bunk bed) to ancient egypt and other places...but just to visit. :D

    We did have an awesome childhood! I eery do not envy our brothers

  2. now that you mention it, the jump ropes wasn't with the ancient egypt. i remember being a horse and the reins/whip was that pink and purple jump rope of mine. remember it?

    i eery do not envy our bothers either.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusFebruary 11, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    lol my stupid phone...***really!

    and i vaguely remember that jump rope...the one thats on my mind right now is my neon orange one with the teal handles. i loved that jump rope!