Friday, May 1, 2009

and it's all in my head

swine flu is only step away from being declared a pandemic and has everyone in the world completely freaked out. i got a cold a couple of days ago and while i really wish it would go away, i'm fairly certain that i am not dying of swine flu. my mom on the other hand... not so certain. the fact that the odds of me being the first person to get swine flu in the DC area are so close to zero they are practically nonexistent doesntt seem to register with her. i'm not saying that the disease isnt serious and stuff, i just think people should calm down. the paranoia is getting a little out of control.

my brother has allergies - always has - but the nurse at his school called an emergency assembly to warn the students about swine flu and suddenly he's convinced that he has swine flu. my dad told him that until he starts to get a pig's tail and nose, he shouldnt worry about it... so he's been checking often for the tail to show up.

maybe it's not the best topic to joke about, but really, everyone who sneezes now is automatically thought to be infected. if you get it you get it people, not much we can do about it.

*Mr. Brightside - The Killers



  2. I had people switch seats on the bus when they saw me coughing. I was sitting there thinking "pollen" and these people are freaking out... I saw some people wearing face masks too. Creepy.