Thursday, May 14, 2009

could somebody show me the kind of affection that you only see in the movies?

i'm a complete cynic when it comes to love. i just dont believe it exists. not the fairy tale kind at least. not what you see in disney movies. not what you read about in books. people dont share that one magical kiss and then live happily ever after. it just doesnt work that way. im not saying that people dont love each other or are never happy with each other, it's just not like a disney movie.

and i want the disney movie. i've always preferred fictional life to reality.

you know in the movie enchanted when giselle is telling patrick dempsey's character about prince edward and he's all cynical and goes on about how they've only known each other a day and thats ridiculous and stuff?? when you see it in a disney movie, it seems acceptable. why shouldnt the scullery maid marry the prince?? but under the harsh light of reality it really is ridiculous. they danced together for one night. one night. and that is enough to guaruntee a happily ever after?? i wish. i really do.

there's this line in twilight that always bugged me. every time i read the books it annoys me. i'm not gonna go search for the exact quote, but basically edward tells bella how much better and more powerful emotions - namely love - are when you experience them yourself rather than reading about them. it might just be me, but i think pure unadulterated storybook love is stronger than what exists in reality. maybe i'm just really missing out on something, but i dont think disney worthy love exists in the real world.

*Your Evil Soul - The Spill Canvas


  1. i know what line you're talking about when she's being all 'schooly' and he's just watching her like a tv set.

    damn. i hate twilight with a passion.

  2. can u say depressing?! not the blog..the freaking song. god! i went to listen to it on yotube..and just listening to one minute of me makes me want to jump of a roof and slit my wrists all at the same time. GOD!

    oh and a i had a blog similar to this a while back..except mine was more along the lines of disney movies and all movies and tv shows in general corrupt people's minds and make them look for something that just isnt real. and my theory is that that is the reason for the high divorce rates..because everyone is looking for prince charming..and prince charming doesn't exist.

  3. lool hannah i like that song. sure, it is kinda depressing but it's still a good one. and, really, it's no worse than some of the arabic stuff you listen to. but i dont think you'd be a fan of any of their songs... not your type.