Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's just my luck to end up getting stuck to everything you are

i took ceramics during my senior year of highschool. one of the projects we worked on was making plaques to teach us slab technique or something. i was obsessed with my plaque; i think i smoothed it over a million times, spent forever cutting out the letters and the pieces and everything. anyways, when it came time to glaze it, i was in a major rush and did a really crap job. the plaque was ruined. so over three years later i have finally fixed it. i repainted the border, letters, and background. it still isn't exactly how i wanted it to look. the letters color is totally off, and i'm still not sure if i made the right choice to change the background color. but what's done is done right??

the old background:

the new one:

But as I stood in the doorway, I didn’t see the bare walls or empty room. I saw conversations about Lily, plans for full moon, studying for exams, playing Quidditch, hexing Snape. I saw all of our fights and mischievous moments. I saw James professing for the first time his love for Lily, and me doing the same for Ria. I saw detentions, sneaking down to the kitchens, learning how to become animagi. Seven years flashed before my eyes, and a lump formed in my throat. An era was truly ending, and there was nothing we could do but move on with the future and hope that it held as many good memories and great friends as this phase had.

love the marauders... especially sirius.

painting this thing brought back so many ceramics class memories. five of us crowded into that tiny stuffy room... good times. and yes, the title doesnt really match the post but i wanted it to be from this song so whatever.

*All Hail the Heartbreaker - The Spill Canvas



    and great minds think alike. i swear to GOD that i justttt took a picture of my ceramics 'book' that i did in class just yesterday. i was gonna post it up and talk about the art class. omggggg i remember that class like it was yesterday, remember trying to memorize surat alnisa2 while glazing? and then the knitting and the painting of the hands, and the physics and the ap bio when you almost fell of the chair with yusuf, LOOOOOL. and the fountain, and the masra7iya and the field trips and the arabic class and the islamic class and the ap english with the poems and the sonnets and the trips to ruby tuesdays! omgggg. really really really good times. but especially art class, wow. haha and my hamburger and my coca cola sign things. i left them all with her but i took my book.

    omg and your maurauders. omg. :'(
    it looks beautiful now. where did you rebake it?

    i miss you! lool i remember how i died over your project. best idea ever. and remember that sirius black paw print you did for the tea party. you know i told my whole family about it last night because danya's tea party is tomorrow and she was making their 'present' themed cake. i was like no one can beat sarah's paw. wow for real all of senior year was about that story. remember mr. gressis's class, when i was bored and i was like what if i write a chapter and you write the next. we weren't even like close friends then. and then began the rest of my life and the story. wow. every minute of that year was devoted to sirius lool. and the excitement i felt when i saw you with the folder in the morning, and the excitement i felt when i wrote something hot and wanted to see yours and mai's reactions. and then reliving that when jenine read it in the bus in the afternoon. and then i still remember when i wrote the last like 70 pages and concluded it, and i had the story and was writing it during wesam's high school graduation. and the last paragraph in my room and then i cried because it signified the end of senior year and graduation. omg my love!

    and this was the paragraph you wrote that made me sob. like straight up sob. omg. im crying now. seriously, i really really really really love you. for real. omggg. and this song! reminds me of the senior area and its stupid green rug. please let me come see you before you travel.

  2. yesss omg i dont think i will ever ever ever forget anything from that year. and seriously that day in mr. g's class was one of the most awesomest ever because it started all of this. i remember it was the day after you accused me of writing that story on mugglenet. and yeah the story was really when we got close. i dont think i really even talked to you much before senior year. and i have this picture of you stealing the inside of the paw cuz it said padfoot. abla iglal still has all of the stuff sitting on a shelf on the ceramics room. you should go take it, or have someone get it for you. oh and "the ap bio when you almost fell of the chair with yusuf"... you make it sound so much less innocent than it was. i cried when i read your last part of the story. it was one of the only 4 times i cried from reading a book.

    i miss you too! i'm traveling on sunday but if you happen to be in the area sometime before then then that would be awesome. if not, then i'm definitely coming to visit you when i get back. anyways, i'm working on something that'll hopefully be done by the end of the summer that i'll havta show you.

  3. oh and i just used normal paint, but we have a kiln at my house to fire it. i didnt realize how much i missed ceramics... i'm definitely setting everything up when we get back from saudi.