Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the rest is still unwritten

ali, who takes after me in way more than looks, is starting a book. he's planning on getting it published, getting famous, and making it into a whole series. it's actually not bad, and he uses words that i was surprised he knew. okay, actually me and anisah thought it was pretty good, but that could just be parent blindness syndrome. you know, when like a parent has a really really ugly kid but s/he thinks it's adorable because if s/he saw it like the ugly thing everyone else did they would suffocate it in its sleep. you know?? anyways, here's what he has so far. everything in [] is what i added in to clarify some of his points. i'm leaving in all his spelling/grammar mistakes just cuz i wanna have a typed copy exactly how he wrote it.

Bob the Llama

Once upon a time there lived a llama. His name was Bob. Bob was a good llama, because he was always careful. One day Bob was invited to a dinner party, and why? Because he's really careful. The next night he went out to the dinner party. and there lay straight on the table hundreds and hundreds of food. Meanwhile the guests didn't show up. and that was because the party didn't start till 9:30 and it was only 8:00. So Bob just ate and ate and ate until there lay on the table nothing! Bob looked at the clock. It was 9:30. and he spoke very quietly and said about 10 times the guests are coming, the guests are coming until they did! But luckily he snuck out just in time. Bob didn't exactly know where he was going but he kept on going. Now he was in bigger trouble! and when i mean trouble i mean trouble. He was in the middle of the city. Of course he didn't keep on going, he just stop't. He kep't calm, took a couple of breath's and turned around. and went the other way. He came to a stop because there were three path's and he forgot which path he took. He thought and thought until he took the first. But they all took him to the place. But the first and third were blocked, and the second wasn't. [all the paths led to the same place. he didn't know this and tried the first, which was blocked. the third was blocked, too. so he ended up taking the second] He came to another stop which was a wall. Every one know's that llamas are good at climing stone. But Bob wasn't. He used a grapling hook so he did. [bob usually used a grapling hook to climb stones, so that's what he did now] He came to a tunnle which led to the back door. So he got inside with no fear. Soon he was finally at the.. at the ocean? He said I can't believe myself I just can't. and then Bob started to cry. He kept crying until he found out it was magic. [the sea was magic] His tears ploped off his own little nose and fell into the water it was so clear to him now it was a crystal! [once again, the sea was] So he got a club and smashed it. So he went on and on and on until he came to another stop. It was amazing! a portal to the dinner party! How did he know because he heard thousands of laughs, but that doesn't mean it's the dinner party he was looking for. Because there are thousands of other feasts he thought, but it was so stupid of him to jump in. [he knew it could be any dinner party, but he jumped in anyways] But it was stupider to actually eat some of the food that was on the table. Because that exact minute he found out he was in mid evil times. But luckily he didn't exist. So he thought he wasn't appart of this once he found out. [he thought that since he went to the past, he didnt actually exist] But he thought he could escape, but one hour laer for every body to take up half of his time to figure out what just happened, he found out ten minutes later that he, Bob Jefferson Llama, has caused a riot. [it took about an hour for everyone at the party to realize what had happened, which wasted half of the time he had to escape. ten minutes after they realized what was going on, a riot started.] But that didn't stop him a teenage llama from being appart of this. [just because he started the riot didnt mean that he could choose not to take part in it... yeah doesnt really makes sense to me either] So he tried to sneak out of a squarish tunnle. of course he tried to use his grapling hook at first, but it failed. so he thought of other bright ideas. one of his ideas were to bounce off the pepoles heads one by one then bounce off the walls.

so that's all he has so far. i have no idea how a llama so careful got into so much trouble, but according to ali "i'm in for a big surprise." he claims his idol is dr. suess (or mr. suess as he calls him) and wants to make his book "a comedy just like all those other great books like horton hatches an egg and horton hears a who."

*Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield


  1. The ProcrastinatorMay 26, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    looool, too cute. haha the part about the half hour for the party to notice, wasted half the time of the ten minutes he had to escape then the riot that he chose to join. haha.

    ps. i didn't know what grappling was. mashallah he's very smart

  2. to be honest, i didnt either. i had to google it.

  3. u guys are dumb...i thought everyone knew what a grappling hook was..

    and the part where he says bright ideas cracks me up. i read that sentence at least 3 times. cuz you know usually bright idea is used as a sarcastic way of saying dumb idea. haha yaa thought i'd share my 2 cents.