Monday, June 8, 2009

all in an attempt to entertain

i've been trying to download this album for three days now... whenever i was on my computer i'd try over and over again. but i think i did something to offend itunes and the internet because i swear they were working together to prevent me from buying it. anyways, it finally worked and now i'm waiting for the last couple of songs to finish so that i can go to sleep (i only slept three hours last night and it's already 1:30 in the morning :/) i've been listening to the songs a lot for the past few days on youtube, so i'm excited for a version that is not live, bad quality, or a cover. yay. anyways, the album is indiana by jon mclaughlin. it came out a couple of years ago so some of you may already know it, but if you dont then i highly suggest you go out and get it now. it's awesome. if you're one of those people who prefers songs to albums, some of my favorites are beautiful disaster, industry, for you from me, and indiana. but they are all amazing. awesome music, awesome lyrics...

*Indiana - Jon McLaughlin


  1. omg this guys HOT! lol...

    and isn't beautiful disaster a kelly clarkson song??

  2. you know whats also a good song?? climb..i wouldn't listen to it cause its miley cyrus..but it came on the radio and its actually a really nice song.. especially the beginning her voice is amazing.