Tuesday, June 9, 2009

she said you're all the same

one thing i really hate when people do is generalize - pass judgement on a whole country, a whole race, a whole sex because of what one individual has done. i find it to be the epitome of ignorance. and no, it's not because i am on the recieving end of bad judgement based on stuff i not only didnt do, but also find utterly disgusting. i have hated this even before arab and muslim became synonymous with terrorist in most peoples' minds.

if an apple orchard had a tree that produced a few bad apples, you would not write the entire orchard off as bad. the idea is ridiculous. and yet with people, who are so much more diverse than apple trees, the idea seems to be entirely acceptable to most. because of course there's no such thing as a bad seed. people are all cut from the same cloth, so they're either all good or all bad. no exceptions to the rule.

condoning something awful that is happening to a group of people because you didnt like one person from that group is often a result of generalizing. i know so many people that can look upon the most heinous things without batting an eye because "im sure they deserved it. i mean, look what they did." honestly, i dont care who did what or why or when. two wrongs definitely do not make a right. so applauding something that is, by any definition, horrendous because you're ignorant enough to judge the whole based on your experience with the few makes you a moron and me sick.

*Most Lonely Face in the World - The Holloways


  1. whoa! whats this all about??

  2. what's with the whoa?? it's just a normal post... inspired by a conversation with one of the cousins a few nights ago.

  3. thats such a vague answer...can you at least tell me the story?! its bad enough i'm stuck here with horrid in laws... the least you can do is entertain me. :(