Monday, June 8, 2009

spiders catching things and eating their insides

the internet is being ridiculously slow and moody today. it only opens up certain websites, takes forever to load even those, and thinks it's being cool by doing the most annoying things. i should probably be grateful that i even have internet, but it's annoying.

anyways, the creepy crawly things here are on steroids. being gone for eight months have made them spawn into super bugs. they're like some weird government science project gone awry.

this morning i went to take a shower. i'm about to get in when i see a ginormous spider on the shower curtain. have you ever watched harry potter and the chamber of secrets?? i swear this was the spider that played aragog, the acromantula (really, really, really big talking spider). in case you have no idea what i'm talking about, here's a picture:

Big spider, tiny Harry.
ok so maybe not that big, but it was definitely as big as the palm of my hand. maybe even a little bigger... that thing had long legs. so i freaked out, ran out of the bathroom squealing, and took my shower in my parents' bathroom.

the lizards are on crack too. i'm sitting out by the pool while my sister's swimming, and they're running around in the patterns the light is making on the walls as it reflects off the surface of the water. but not normal lizard running, they're running with a purpose. they're following some master plan and are forming some giant lizard army. have you ever heard the sound a lizard makes?? they make this clicking sound that i refused to believe was them when i was younger. i was convinced that my cousins, parents, aunts, and uncles were all trying to trick me, that they were making the sounds and trying to blame them on the poor, silent lizards. yeah, i wasn't too smart.

besides the clicking lizards, mosquitos are eating me alive. gah. once again, not normal mosquitos. these are bigger and thirstier and smarter than any of the other ones i've seen. so before i turn into one giant mosquito bite, i'm going inside.

*I Miss You - Blink 182


  1. squealing?? you sure you dont mean screaming?? :P

    oh and ur so dumb!! you didnt know that the lizards made that sound?! hahahah so so dumb :P

  2. no, squealing... i know the difference thank you very much.

    and i was really small, but yeah pretty dumb.