Friday, June 5, 2009

speed so fast i felt like i was drunk

whenever i hear virginians complain about the "bad drivers," i have to laugh. the worst driver i've seen over there would still be too cautious to drive in jeddah. you've heard of places where the traffic laws are more like suggestions?? yeah, jeddah's not like that. here, they're more like big jokes. to be a good driver, you really have to disregard a lot of the traditional rules of the road. people drive between two lanes so that they'll always be able to get into the one that's moving faster. i've seen people make a left turn from the right lane of a four lane street. right of way goes to the person who wins the game of chicken. if someone is going the wrong way down a one way street, they will rightfully honk angrily at every car they pass going the right way. i've been in countless almost-accidents. but though this driving is awful by any standard, it's a normal part of life here. i rarely think twice about it. it just makes everything a little more exciting.

since this is a post about driving, let me take this chance to wish a particular car full of desperate guys an accident. a really big one. after sharing a room with my sister for the past eight years, i have developed a habit of leaving the windows of my room uncovered - like i dont close the curtains or whatever. now, i get claustrophobic if i cant see outside. i have really big windows - i like the sunlight - so people often have a problem with this because, yes, you can see into my room. in america, my bed is out of the way so it's not a problem. and here, we now live in the middle of nowhere with like one neighbor so it isnt a problem either. or it wasnt until i noticed that the same car full of guys had circled around our house at least five times. i noticed when they stopped in front of my window and held their number up. so now i'm sitting in the dark getting a headache from the computer glare. i mean, really, do you have nothing better to do on a friday night that look into my window and stare at me sitting on my bed with my baggy tshirt and sweats?? if that's the case, then i sincerely pity you.

*Fast Car - Kristian Leontiou


  1. lool i love that, totally hilarious. you weren't wearing the hijab right?

  2. loool HILARIOUS!! you should have written a message back to them that said in your dreams. :D

    thats what i would have done...or i would have got daddy to go with his slipper and beat the crap out of them... :D

    or better yet i'd tell them just a second and motion that i was coming down to meet them..and theeeen send daddy with his slippers to beat the crap out of them haha

    most likely though daddy would lose and they'd end up beating the crap out of him. :/ oh well