Wednesday, June 3, 2009

dance, dance, and these are the lives you'd love to lead

i have refallen in love with dance dance revolution, or step step dance as the one my cousins have is called (the exact same game). best game ever. well, almost best. it does give you a workout though, and being a professional lazy bum, that starts to be a problem eventually. especially when i'm playing with kids that just have so much more energy than me.

anyways, here's a poem i found online. i liked it the first time i read it. didnt like it the second time. so the verdict is still out on this one,

I'm lost
Like a TV show that doesn't make sense
Unless you watch it from the beginning

I'm lost…
But I'm always gonna try
And I have no need to lie
Being who I am Is something that I can't deny

I look up to the sky
And sometimes I wonder why
But I know I have to make
A better past before I die

Sometimes I say too much
Sometimes I don't make sense
If I get too drunk and rowdy
Then I might get too intense

I see the path
But through a blur
And sometimes I don't feel sure I can shake it off for now

But how much more can I endure
I do the best I can
I try to do the right thing

I'm a poet,
I'm a writer
And I wish that I could sing

Sometimes I'm found
Sometimes turn it around
But beat myself into the ground
If I can't make the right sound

You look to be specific
And measure bullshit by the pound
If you don't try to be prolific
Then you might end up profound…

i was scrolling down my blog this morning, not really reading anything but eyes sort of skimming, and i realized that i overuse the word anyways. seriously, it jumped off the page more than any other word i wrote. i have filled my anyways quota, and yet i cant seem to stop using it. i didnt even realize i used it this much. thing is, i dont use it in spoken conversation... at least i dont think i do. :/

*Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 7, 2011 at 11:46 AM

    after reading this line "And I have no need to lie
    Being who I am Is something that I can't deny" i couldnt get through the rest of the poem.

    lool and i just read a post that was saying how you used to say anyways...but now it annoys you. heres when you used to write anyways. :D

  2. lol yeah. and omg yes the poem is awful. what was i thinking?! the last couple of stanzas aren't that bad, but still. verdict is in. poem sucks.