Sunday, June 28, 2009

hello, is it me you're looking for?

before i start my story of stalkerness, there is one thing you all should know. my sister wants to get married. if you know of anyone willing, let me know. she's not picky... he just has to be a he, muslim, and talk english.

now on to the story... so we were looking through an old copy of this magazine, layalena. she got to the almost last page where they had interview typish things with a bunch of guys. and she, of course, chose out her husband, making sure to calculate his present age. so in a fit of stalkerness, i looked him up on facebook. the internet is amazing. it took a few (8) tries to find the english spelling of his name, but in the end i got it. his profile was private, but we looked through his friends because yes, we are stalkerish stalkers who were bored out of our minds. through his friends, we found out a lot about this dude. anyways, because it really is a small world after all, it turns out he knows people in DC that know people we know. he was even friends with people who graduated from and were still in my old high school. serendipity, people.

that'll be a story to tell the grandkids.

*Hello - Lionel Richie


  1. too bad she wants muslim. i'd blind date her and i am sure i would probably not be disappointed. :P

    oh random question, do u guys (like muslims) date?

  2. LOOL there's always converting. :P

    and technically, muslims shouldn't date, but that's not to say that none of them do. you're really not supposed to, though.

  3. nah i am an atheist. i kinda wanna stay away from all the religions. they're just so many and so complicated. as far as dating is concerned, most of the people don't even care about religions anymore which makes me wanna even stay away from them even more.

    so you're telling me that none of you (like you and your sister) has ever dated anyone.

    that's hard to believe! that makes me feel so used! lolz

  4. Hey anonymous! I've decided I like you. We should be friends :D

    I don't know if you wrote a blog on the continuation or not, Sarah, but I added him on FB and got rejected. Oh well. I blame the drawn on goatee and mustache in my profile pic at the time lol

  5. Anonymous... first of all, why is that hard to believe? lol.

    Annie... i dont think i ever wrote the continuation of this.

  6. that's very nice of you, annie. but unfortunately, i don't use any facebook or myspce kind of stuff. You can call me. now being muslim and everything, i bet you won't.

    but I'll keep my fingers crossed. :D

    omg, i've actually seen a girl with hair on her face, she used to shave and that actually freaked me out and made me feel sorry for her. lol

    and by the way, is n't annie a christian name?

    sarah, it's hard to beieve cos staying celibate in times like these where sex is so common (like candy). It's a challenge! or am i wrong? is it cool to get laid once in a while or not at all? :P

    i've heard you have to stay virgins until marriage.

  7. Haha I think the main hindrance would be the fact that you didn't give me your number to call and not the fact that I'm Muslim :P

    Well, girls are mammals just like guys. But yeah, excessive hair on girls is sad :(

    I didn't give it to myself, Annie is my nickname :)

    VIRGINS ARE COOL :D hahaha

  8. you're hairy are n't ya? lol

    i can so tell by the way you're defending it :P

    but yeah, annie is a very hairy animal. :D

    so are you calling yourself cool? you're so self-centered and i bet you have BO too.

    okay i give up, here it is:


  9. ....
    You sound like a real keeper

    And yes, I'm cool. Its called confidence, not conceit.

    You're from New York?

  10. hahaha. duh! of course, i am a keeper. i used to catch for my baseball team. :D

    feeling concieted by losing your COOLNESS is just plain stupid. now being confident is something i would like too. so more power to you girl.

    i am from whereever you want me to be. that's the beauty of being anonymous.

    btw, i think sarah got turned off by my slutty questions, where is she? i kinda miss her smart ass! lolz

    on a lighter note, you're right, sarah is smart but in a stupid way hahahaha.

  11. if you made a reference to quidditch instead of baseball you wouldve been my hero.

    your coolness/conceit/confidence comment made no sense to me, but that could be because of my brain's mood right now.

    and you guys are having a conversation. why would i need to comment??

  12. you had to interrupt the conversation with quidditch. :) it's cool but i did really play baseball otherwise i might've mentioned it.

    okay, to make it clearer, coolness = virginity when i wrote the comment. i dunno if annie and i are on the same page. but eloborate further if we're not.

  13. Lol.. well, you're area code is a New York one, so I guess then I will assume you're from NY lol.

    Side note, we used to play softball when we were younger. Soo fun.

    Haha yuup, glad we agree about what Sarah is.

  14. did you even try the number? it's wrong! duh! :P
    i randomly picked it up from a humor site. It said you had bad B.O. lolz

    but it does n't work for some reason anymore. It was hilarious though.

    Yet my location once again still remains a mystery. ;)

    Sarah, sarah, sarah, haaaaa, i mean come on, the girl likes quidditch! :P

  15. Lol.. no I didn't try it. I prefer the Rejection Hotline number, comes in handy.

    And what a mystery it is lol

  16. it's awesome. i'll definitely try it. :)

    you sound like you really know who i am. :P

    okay, as creepy as it probably might sound, call me the lullaby. :D i kinda like it. i am soothing, calm and peaceful but unknown.

    what do you think?

  17. hmm, that's bizarre. anyways, have a good muslim life. and i can tell that you guys are just fed up of talkin to me. so bye for life, i guess :)

  18. LOL. Alrighty then Anon, nice talking to you.
    Very dramatic goodbye haha

    And btw, yes, lullaby is creepy lol