Tuesday, June 23, 2009

they're worse than tremors. they're these terrors.

i have a cousin who is deathly afraid of cats. like really really terrified. a certified phobia. she's been that way for as long as i can remember. anyways, we went out to dinner with some other cousins and were getting dropped off. i dont remember exactly how we got to talking about this, but one of my cousins ended up saying to her, "i hope when you're walking up a cat comes out of nowhere and runs through your legs"... or something along those lines.

so we get out of the car and walk up to my cousins' (the one scared of cats and her sister) apartment building. i was last one in so i close the door behind me and start walking towards the stairs - they live on the top floor. as i'm about to reach the stairs, i hear someone start to scream, like a blood-curdling someone is attacking me with a knife while stealing my chocolate kind of shriek. next thing i know, my cousin is hurtling down the stairs, pushing her sister and mine out of her way. i, having no idea what was going on, immediately get an adrenaline rush and hurry back to the door which didnt seem to want to open. i finally get it open just as my cousin reaches me with a speed that let me know she would have burst through it like the koolaid man if i hadnt gotten it open in time. she runs into the street still screaming with her scarf flying off her head and a look of sheer terror plastered on her face. i run out after her before i realize that what has sent her into this frenzy was a fluffy cat sleeping on the stairs. apartment doors open as people check to see what's wrong - the apartment building only has family in it so once people saw the cat they realized what had happened.

anyways, my sister chased the cat away and my cousin made it safely up to her apartment. we spent the rest of the night laughing over the scene she had made while we ate baskin robbins ice cream.

i dont think i've ever been afraid of something so much that it would send me running screaming into the street, but i'm not completely sure. have you?

*Sleep - My Chemical Romance

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  1. I think a LOT of saudis hate cats or animals in general, I have no idea why. It's so weird :/