Monday, June 1, 2009

i'm so tired

guess who has internet?!

if you guessed me, then you are wrong... for the most part. we werent able to get the connection we were talking about, but my neighbors, thank god, have not yet learned the art of securing their connection. so we can kinda bum connection off of them from specific locations around the house. like the foot of my bed. the middle of my bed has nothing, but the very end can pick up signal. only problem is that now i'll be living in constant fear that they'll travel and shut it off and deprive me of my sanity aka the wonderful world wide web for weeks on end. *sigh* my dad will be experimenting with getting connection though in the next few days... hope that goes well.

anyways, i'm exhausted. i woke up 7 sunday morning and havent closed my eyes since. but i really wanted to check on the internet situation. plane ride could've been better... expect a rant about stupid arab parents in the next couple of days when i'm more awake. and then we were expecting to not see anyone today since schools and everything are still in session, but we thrown into one typical family get together after another, first at our house then at our grandma's. and this was all suffered through in my sleep deprived stupor.

*Empty Room - Marjorie Fair


  1. 7mdilla 3ala alsalama

  2. Awesome! Overseas blogging! (P.S. Sorry about 24, it's totally gonna happen) ... And I can't wait for the stupid Arab parents.

  3. gay sarah. gay.

    I have internet all over my bed! 7amdulilah :D haha

  4. sleep deprived, anisah. sleep deprived. and you suck.

    rashad, lool i just read the post but the stupid post comment was taking forever opening so ill get back to that later.

    and allah ysalimik.

  5. L7amdillah 3ala Lsalama!
    and yay for internet connection, even though it's only available at the foot of your bed :P