Tuesday, May 31, 2011

and long weekends without regrets

so this weekend my family and i went to visit jamestown/yorktown/williamsburg. when we got to the inn we were staying at, we were told that they didn't have wifi. okay, we thought. we can go three nights without internet. when we got to our room(s), we noticed that we could barely get phone reception either (you were lucky to get like half a bar near the window). in fact, we could barely get phone reception most places we went in the area. we were happy to get a few minutes with one bar at a time. now me, being an unreliable phone answerer at best and a complete ignorer of all things telephone related at worst, struggled little with my sudden inability to contact the universe. to my sister, on the other hand, it was the end of the world. most of the weekend saw her walking around in circles with her hand up in the air trying to find reception.

anyway, our days started with breakfast, went on to visiting one of the historical towns, and ended with me reading an old story a friend and i wrote years ago that i recently downloaded onto my kobo. this made me feel like i was living in a bubble of a world that consisted only of muffin tops, the american revolution, john smith, and fictional characters (who were a lot more arrogant and a lot worse friends than i remembered them being) completely separate from the rest of the world. somewhere classes were being taught, people were going to work, and my wedding was coming up, but none of that existed to me then. it was sort of peaceful.

overall, the weekend was fun. there were times when i could swear i was being cooked alive by the sweltering heat coming from a sun much too hot for may, and i can't say i'll miss sharing the bed with my younger brother, and we were stuck in a traffic jam for way over an hour on the way back because they decided to close down an entire highway, but it was an awesome pre-summer-vacation vacation nonetheless.

this could have been a better post, but i'm actually really tired and the trip has inspired a couple of posts for the next few days so it's okay that this one is a little pointless.

*Rain Delays - Crash Parallel


  1. oh i went to williamsburg last year, early may, and it was slightly chilly. we were too cheap to buy tickets to go into town so we just walked around and took pictures, then took the buses around when we got tired of walking.

  2. that's what we did last time we went there (in sixth grade). this time, though, we got this package thing that had tickets included with the price of the room.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusJune 1, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    no sarah...we did buy tickets... don't you remember we got those passes that we hung around our necks...and i lost mine and was soooo upset because it had had my birthday and I had to replace it. we just didn't go to jamestown...we only went around williamsburg.

  4. hmm i don't remember that. but it was such a long time ago that i'm probably wrong. i mean, i remember seeing old stuff so maybe that means we had to buy tickets for that stuff? i dunno.