Saturday, May 14, 2011

you are gold and silver

figures that when i actually have things to blog about, when i want to write a post so bad that i'll refresh the page a million times a minute hoping for change, the site will be down. and then it comes back right when i have to sit with people downstairs far away from either of my computers. and when i finally do get a chance to get on the computers hours and hours and hours later, the stories are suddenly after the fact and i'm too tired to make them exciting. oh, and i have a bunch of drafted empty posts that i didn't start because the site was down but that i now need to delete. on the bright side, i used my free time this morning wisely by rewatching easy a and painting my nails sparkly gold and silver. they're rather pretty if i do say so myself.

so the other day i was sitting in class (it feels like i'm the only one in the world that's not out of school yet) and the kid in front of me takes out his computer. a dell. and out of nowhere, the dell guy pops into my head. my sisters and i used to love the dell guy. really. you know, before he got caught with drugs and everything. actually, we still loved him, but we never saw him anymore. anyway, when i got home that night, i decided to see what happened to him. in my google search, which showed me that my imagination was a lot more interesting than fact, i cam across this which made me feel really really old. you should click the link because some of the things really amazed me.

so, pointless post, but do you have any idea how hard it is to write a blog post in the commotion that is my house right now? pretty near impossible, let me tell you. this has taken me three days to write and it's barely worth reading (though i would click on that link if i were you).

*Pop! Goes My Heart - Hugh Grant


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 16, 2011 at 2:37 AM

    this blog does not deserve a comment :P

    buuut after reading the title I went to youtube to watch pop goes my heart. After a lot of searching..I found the music video, and Zazu and I watched it. In the middle Zazu looks at me confused and says.. "This the Wiggles? hmm!" I tried not to laugh and said no, not the you like it? he says "Hmm. No." and then runs to bring me his wiggles dvd. :D

  2. lool stupid kid. (i mean that with affection, of course.)

  3. right? when i was going through it i was just completely flabbergasted. where did the time go?