Tuesday, May 3, 2011

stuck in a lava flow of brakelights

i left the house last night to go to class at five:fifty-seven. i know this because right before i left my brother said, "but you still have three minutes before you usually go" and i said, "i guess i'll just be three minutes early." i have never been so wrong. the drive to school takes about twenty minutes on average, fifteen when there are no other cars on the road and i get all green lights. last night i pulled into campus at seven:forty-five. that's almost two hours after i left my house. two. hours. by the time i found parking and got to class, it was almost eight. class officially starts at seven:twenty, but the dude always starts at seven:ten-ish.  my final presentation was yesterday. i race across campus, and if you knew me in high school PE days, you'll know that i tend to get really red whenever i race anywhere for however long. so i get into class looking like a tomato, my professor informs me that i missed my time slot but i can go immediately after the dude presenting, i get in front of the class two minutes later and completely bomb my presentation. i have never in my life presented so badly. ever. i think if it was possible to take points from my already mediocre grades that i have gotten in this class so far, the professor would. just because there are not enough points he can minus for the presentation. he should probably dip into my other classes too. it's like i was watching myself completely screw up and couldn't do anything to stop it, though i knew this presentation inside and out. i was ready.

anyway, someone told me that all of the traffic was because the whole "osama bin laden was killed" thing. which i completely don't understand. so the dude is allegedly killed and the number of cars in virginia suddenly multiplies? or have all of these people been hiding in their houses too scared to drive while he was alive but now that he's dead they're out and about again? i just don't get it. the same person also told me (when i was complaining about said traffic and the way it ruined my grade) in that i'm so patriotic and if you're not you must be a terrorist tone, "i don't get why you're complaining. it seems a small price to pay for the death of a terrorist." what the hell? why should i have to pay for "the death of a terrorist" by sitting in my car for two hours wasting gas and showing up late to class? how does that make any sense? and why the hell does my annoyance with the traffic mean that i was the number one osama supporter? (which i'm not if any of you had any doubts.)

gah just reliving yesterday through this is pissing me off again.

*River of Brakelights - Julian Casablancas


  1. that sucks, but this song though..

    I saw The Strokes on sunday!!! oh my god, I'm gonna go fangirl in a corner somewhere, ciao.

  2. i actually still can't make up my mind about this song. in some moods i like it and in others i skip it two seconds in.

    that's exciting!

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMay 4, 2011 at 1:22 PM

    this happened to me too in my ethics class.and then this guy who had always stared at me in class, and during my AWFUL presentation was glued to me came up to me and said you did a great job. I wanted to freaking punch him in the face because I knew it was awful.

    A worse story though...for my comm class. I was set to present first..this woman (she was maybe early 40s) who was supposed to present after me asked if she could please present first. I let her...she was amazing...then i presented i absolutely sucked...after class she came up to me and said I am soo sorry! I should have let you go first. loool i wanted to kill her...

  4. lol i'm not gonna say you're stories don't both definitely suck, cause they do, but if i told you how badly my presentation went i'm sure you'd feel better about yours. i don't really wanna document the awfulness on my blog, though.

    and i think i would've killed that lady. and a dude came up to me the next day and said that i did good and i wanted to kill him.

  5. LOOOL PE days. i was the kid that came back thirty shades tanner even if we ran at night.