Friday, May 27, 2011

you finally know what was wrong: you are not young anymore

a few weeks ago (or possibly longer) while discussing music with my mom (who actually has pretty awesome taste in music) and how i couldn't find a song online to listen to before i bought it, we came to the brilliant realization that i could use my mom's CD collection which conveniently has the very songs i wanted. it was a great moment. really. this idea hung over my head in the following weeks when i couldn't remember to take said collection from the middle of a pile of tornado-esque debris and/or when i was too busy to worry about adding music to my iPod. finally this morning i brought the CDs up to my room. they have sat here all day next to my computer, just waiting for my parents and brothers to go to sleep. by the time they did, i was pretty excited because it's been a while since i did a major music add to my ipod.

so i put the CD into joe and waited. and waited and waited and waited. and then i remembered that joe's optical drive only reads DVDs now because he is getting old and going senile and has forgotten how to read CD. and i tried a bunch of different things to try and rekindle his memory because he used to have a lot of fun with CDs, but nothing worked. when you're old, you're old. i was quite disappointed. and of course junior doesn't even have an optical drive so he's no help either.

i was really looking forward to a bunch of new songs to listen to on the drive up to yorktown/jamestown tomorrow and now i'll have nothing new until i get the chance to steal someone else's computer for an hour or so (or, you know, until i download something). i'm thinking it's about time to actually get junior an external optical drive. or... could it possibly be time to retire joe? nah.

*You Are Not Young Anymore - Raining Pleasure (i changed the punctuation for the lyric to make it fit.)


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 28, 2011 at 12:51 AM

    retire joe and buy a macbook! :D

    and yay for new blogposts!! :)

  2. but i love joe. we've been through so much together. and there have been three new blog posts since the last time you commented which makes your yay unnecessary.

  3. Macbooks suck. Windows all the way - why pay over £1000 for something you get for £400??? I mean, seriously? Plus I'd have to learn a whole new operating system which sucks.

    But I would retire Joe. I recently retired my old laptop - a friend is buying it off me coz he smashed his :p It feels nice to have a new laptop that is quick and good and works much better and has windows 7 64bit :p

  4. i'm retiring my macbook and getting a new one. i've had my darling since august 2006.

  5. anonymous hippopotamusMay 28, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    nooo my yay is totally necessary because i'm yaying for the fact that there is more than one new blogpost in the past few days that i can read. not just that theres a new one...but that there is a plentiful amount of posts lool plentiful amount..i crack myself up. :D

    GAH! have you tried a macbook???and the system isn't that difficult. plus the whole faster start up and shut down time is enough to make macbooks better...not to mention that it doesn't shut down unexpectedly which seems to be a feature on all windows. oh! and then theres that wonderful blue screen of death..and the plethora of viruses..i could go on and on about how macbooks are better. yes they are ridiculously expensive i will admit that but they are MUCH MUCH better than windows.

  6. Mac is the best thing to happen to me since colorful socks. Seriously, get on that. And don't worry about the operating system, it's like knowing how to speak a foreign language in a dream, you'll just do it.

  7. I can't afford a mac, therefore they are not the way forward - Whatever is affordable and reliable on a McDonald's wage is the way forward, like my new Acer - only problem I've had is I got a virus before installing Norton. All sorted now and no troubles :)

  8. anonymous hippopotamusMay 29, 2011 at 4:52 PM

    saying you can't afford it and then that they suck is like judging a book by its cover...don't judge the mac by its absurdly expensive price tag :D

  9. r... i've had joe for about that long, too. i got him summer 06 for graduation, not sure which month though.

    as for the mac/windows debate. i'm not saying either is better than the other, they both have their pros and cons and are better in certain areas, but anonymous hippopotamus, your claim that mac is better because of the whole virus thing needs to be rebutted. windows always had more viruses because it has always controlled the market. attacking any other operating system was just not worth the effort. now, with macs taking over the world, people are starting to write malware for them, too. i dunno if you follow any tech news but pretty recently there was a lot of talk about the macdefender virus/scareware which just shows that they're becoming a target. mac virus protection programs are usually more trouble than they're worth and that was never an issue, but with an increase in viruses that may become one. at least windows has several ways to protect your computer. apple seems more focused on getting out new products than creating better virus protection when they don't see it as a real threat yet.

    anyway, i'll stop before i bore everyone too much with the geekiness. still don't know which i'll buy if i get a new one. junior is windows 7 so i'll still have that, and my fiance has a mac which i could use if i needed one.

  10. When you look at the economy, I think judging by a price tag is a good move. If it is fast, reliable and relatively cheap, then it is far better than something way out of your budget. A mac costs more than I earn in a month.... I have played with them in the stores... an to be honest, am not a huge fan of them anyway. m a windows user for comps and an android user for phones... apple doesn't interest me in any way

  11. anonymous hippopotamusJune 3, 2011 at 11:56 PM

    i definitely agree with android user for phones. not an iphone fan at all....but i <3 my mac :D