Wednesday, July 1, 2009

stayin up till four in the morning

it's three thirty and i just got back from a wedding and i cant sleep. mind you, we left early and didnt even see the bride. not that i really cared because i knew neither her nor the groom (he's the sister of my cousin's wife), and my dad and uncle took us and the men's dinner finishes waaaay before the women's thing. anyways, though the wedding was fun, it was such a commotion. (i blame my cousin who was insistant that we shouldnt go).

the series of unfortunate events:
*i actually wasnt planning on going to this wedding so i had neither bag nor make up to match my dress. as i decided to go a couple of hours before we left, it was too late to bum some off a cousin. i finally made do with some of my sister's.
*i was doing my hair and suddenly (seriously out of nowhere even ask my cousin) a huuuge knot appears at the back of my head. i wasnt even doing anything at the moment. it took forever to painfully brush out.
*my sister's hair straightener would not work properly. this is her favorite thing in the world. it always works.
*while my sister was done getting ready, she spilled lotion all over the front of her dress. i have no idea how. and she couldnt cry because then her makeup would get ruined, but she was having difficulty keeping back the tears. my dad got it all off perfectly.
*just as i was walking across the hallway to get to the door to go to the car where my dad was waiting, my shoe broke. in three places. it was ridiculous, and the only black shoes i have here. i ended up using my sister's.
*when we were all in the car, we realized my sister had forgotten the invitation upstairs and so she had to run back up to get it so that we could have the cards that would let us in.
*we got lost on the way there (and the way coming) and since the wedding was in makkah we had already been in the car for over an hour. my hair was so flat when we finally got to the place, but it was fixable.
*my sister matched the wedding color scheme a little too much. her tulle shawl looked the exact same as the stuff tied around the back of each chair. and my chair conveniently didnt have one so it kinda looked like she had stolen it.
*my sister's necklace broke out of nowhere while we were sitting. the chain just snapped. she looked a little weird searching on the floor for the pendant, but it's okay cause she's an american.
*like i said, we had to leave early, and i made a commotion getting up. i tripped over a chair that some not so smart person had left behind me in the already crowded space between the tables. then, as i tried to catch my balance, i tripped on the front of my dress. i didnt fall, but i looked like an idiot.

oh, and they were walking around serving peaches, plums, and cherries from fish bowls along with te juice. :/ it was very random.

despite all this, though, we had fun. i just wish that some people wouldnt wear dresses with slits up to their throats and stomachs and sides bare if they really dont have the body for it. i do not want to see you oozing out of your dress thank you very much. you are embarassing yourself.

*4 in the Morning - Gwen Stefani


  1. I just read Anisah's updates, and there was an email devoted to the wedding part..I understand why she would hate your cousin lool, that amount of bad stuff happneing to you guys is too outrageously movie-like it's unbelieveable, but I'm glad you guys had fun..I really want to go to a wedding, the last one I went to was my cousins which was about 3 years ago i think?