Tuesday, April 14, 2009

do you realize?

the titles of all my blog posts as you've probably realized (unless you're incredibly dense) are all lyrics from songs in my itunes. the songs they come from are at the bottom of the post. here's the not so interesting story of why i started doing this.

while writing my first post, i was listening to music - something i do quite often. the lyrics kinda matched what i was writing so i used them. same thing with the second. then i decided to see how long i could keep this up, using only songs from my itunes library to title my posts. i dont really know why but im gonna lie and say it was a psychological experiment to see the effect the music i listen to has on my thoughts, or the other way around. if i can find songs to match everything i'm posting, then there is some connection, right?? ok probably not... but music does play a big role in a lot of our lives, and lyrics can be amazing.

sometimes when im on the bus listening to my ipod i'll hear a lyric and think 'i should write a post on that' and write the whole thing out in my head. most of the time, though, i forget about it by the time the next song starts and it never actually gets written. i'll admit, though, it can be pretty hard to find a song that will match, and after skimming through the titles on my music i basically just choose anything that'll even kinda work.

*Do You Realize - Flaming Lips