Monday, April 27, 2009

take me there

i want to go to new york this wednesday night SO bad. mainly because i really want to see one of the movies playing at the tribeca film festival. i followed the production of this movie the whole way through. what really sucks is that it would be so easy to go. take a bus up there during the day, watch the movie, come back. no one would know since i dont get back from class at prince william till around 11 anyways. plenty of time. except for the fact that i have a final group presentation 10 minutes after the movie starts. so not only did i get blessed with a crappy group in a boring class with a retarded professor, i also get to miss my movie. *sigh*

*Take Me There - Rascal Flatts


  1. let's do it.
    chinabus= $35 roundtrip 8am-11pm we're back home

  2. I say you go for it!

  3. What's the movie that you want to see?

  4. if it wasnt for the presentation i would so go for it.
    and i wanted to see city island.