Monday, April 13, 2009

things aren't what they seem... makes no sense at all

so i'm sitting here in fenwick (the mason library) something i actually do quite a lot, mainly because i avoid the jc like the plague. anyways, as much as i like fenwick (yeah im a dork i really like library atmospheres) i have to admit that college libraries annoy me. they're usually pretty huge compared to most libraries. stories of row upon row of books. heaven right?? not really, because college libraries seem adamant about shelving only books that do not really deserve reading. i recently found one little area on the fourth floor that housed fitzgerald, wilde, and the like. i was ecstatic. but other than that, we have books on economic theories, books on computer manufacturing, books on psychological theories... all 100% educational, dry, and probably never opened. i realize it is a college library and therefore required to be stocked with books that we may need in our classes (like the binded boredom i just mentioned), but does that really mean that you can't put anything on the shelf that people may actually want to read for fun?? i also realize that most people have too much work to have time for reading. i also realize that reading really isnt as popular as it once was. but this is a library. and there must be someone else on campus who wouldnt mind checking out a normal book for fun every once and a while.

you know what else annoys me?? when there are literally only two other people besides myself on the computers (which means that there are over 20 free computers) and people choose to use the computer right next to mine. that means you mr. i-apparently- have-a-shower-phobia. gosh. use a different computer.

*Burger Queen - Placebo


  1. yeah, our library is hell, really... it should be called study dungeon.

  2. The mason library is to open and airy..i like my library, it's smaller so it's more cozy, and people actually chill there, and the computers are always full! no matter how many people have their stupid laptops with them, it's annoying..

    I don't think I've actually taken out a book from the library, pretty sad..oh well