Thursday, April 16, 2009

we used to be friends, but i havent thought of you lately at all

ever wonder what happened to those people that you used to know?? the friends that you never really bothered to keep in touch with. the classmates that you went to school with for years and never really bothered to find anything about. the distant relatives that you spent every day of a summer with and then never saw again. i'm not talking about the old friends that you touch base with every couple of months because you both have gotten so busy. or even the ones that you wish you stayed in touch with, but always forget to email. but the people that you never think about.

i graduated highschool with 15 other girls. 15. not a huge number, not too many to stay in contact with. and yet, there are only a few that i actually stay in touch with, and even fewer that i see/talk to regularly. i hate to admit it, but there are a lot, probably the majority of the class, that i rarely even think about. sure, when i get nostalgic i remember them, "the good old times" and whatnot. but even then, i only think of my memories of them - not really them. i dont wonder about where they are now. i dont think about calling to see whats been going on in their lives. i have fond memories of most of them, but that's it. memories. they are part of my past, dont exist in my present. its sad. and thats only from my senior year. i think back to all the friends i had, all the people i used to know. jerrica, nina, and julia my best friends in first and second grade. mandy from third. i had a huge crush on a third grader when i was in second grade, and now i dont even remember his name. i think it was blair. katie and stephanie spent nights at my house in fourth grade. we were in girl scouts together. now, i dont even know if they're alive. my elementary isa days, my manarat friends... most of these people never just flit through my mind. i have to dredge them up from my slowly fading memories of the past.

it's sad how these people used to mean something to me. they used to be a big part of my life. and now, they just barely exist in my world.

*We Used to be Friends - The Dandy Warhols


  1. ouchhhh for poor katie and stephanie.

    'it's sad how these people used to mean something to me. they used to be a big part of my life. and now, they just barely exist in my world.'
    -very true. my world's getting smaller and smaller, and i don't think i like it :/

  2. Razan told me about your's so exciting, my two favorite writer friends have blogs, I'm happy

    Back to this: this post makes me so sad, and yea I get what you mean about having the memory or it all and not of a specific person and we were only 15

    P.S.-This really makes me miss you, when will I be able to see you. Set the date and I hopefully can make it..OH you can watch HP6 with Razan and I!!!

  3. lol yay another reader. that brings the grand total up to 3 i think.

    i wish i could see hp6 with you guys, but im not gonna be in the country. again. i think ive missed most of the hp movies in theaters.