Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the rain is coming down like oh cats and dogs

so today was raining. huge, cold drops that hurt when they hit you. of course, mason flooded and i spent the day walking through ankle-deep puddles. but the place you notice the rain the most (unless you're from a certain family that is afraid of melting when rain water hits them) is on the road. have you ever noticed how people seem to forget how to drive the second it starts to rain?? it doesnt take much, a simple drizzle will send drivers into a panic. cars won't go faster than 25 mph on a 40 mph street. brake lights seem to never turn off. people swerve into lanes, forget about turn signals, stop signs, and basically everything else that they ever knew about driving. i dont get it. it's a little water people. not that big of a deal. when you cant see in front of you because the rain is coming down so hard, panic. until then, turn on your windshield wipers, ignore the drizzle, and drive like you normally do.

*Let's Get Married - Archie Star


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 7, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    HAHAHAHA i think i know the certain family your talking about. lol, and i definitely don't miss the gigantic puddles more like ponds all around campus and walking into class with wet WET jeans.

  2. yeah the puddle in front of fenwick gets really ridiculous. it turns into a freaking lake. they should rent out kayaks when it rains.